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Territorial Indiana

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After 1787, settlers began to pour into the Indiana Territory as the Northwest Ordinance and treaties opened land to settlement. Native groups tried to slow or halt the advance of settlers, sometimes – as in the case of the 1811 Battle of Tippecanoe – even going into battle to do so. However, American encroachment onto native lands continued. Between 1818 and 1840, a series of treaties forced native tribes, such as Miami, Potawatomi and Delaware, to give up their lands and move farther west.

The first white settlers came up from the upland South, which included Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and eastern Tennessee. These were states that allowed slavery, but settlers who left their homes there to come to the Indiana Territory were not plantation owners. They worked family farms and found it hard to compete with slave labor. One of these families was that of Abraham Lincoln, who arrived in Indiana in 1809. Settlers from the upland South made their homes in southern Indiana. This group was followed by settlers from the mid-Atlantic states, from Pennsylvania and New York in particular. Arriving by way of the Ohio River or the National Road, which stretched from Maryland into Indiana, these settlers ventured into the interior of the territory and made their homes in the central region of the territory. Indiana's northern region was settled last (during the 1830s and 1840s) by New Englanders who made this region their new home. 


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