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The people who work to preserve and share Indiana's history.
EAT + DRINK – June 16, 2017
Do you know what a "thrift barn" is? Do you even want to know? If so, all the evidence you'll need is here in the Indiana Historical Society's new library case exhibit EAT + DRINK.
Beem Me Up, Larry! – June 14, 2017
Sometimes our collections cause me to ask how we got to now. Others show me.
The "Why?" Impacts the "How?" ... Preserving Heirlooms – June 12, 2017
How you treat and store historic items can have a lot to do with your motivation for keeping it. Are you a historical society preserving for posterity or a family preserving for use?
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What's Happening

Concerts on the Canal – July 20
Thursday nights are heating up in downtown Indy as we look forward to our summer tradition!
U.S. History Teachers Association – July 21
Genealogy 201: Rebuild Your Ancestor's Neighborhood – July 22
Ride and Seek: Cycling Through Indianapolis History – July 23
Grab your friends and sharpen your detective skills for a biking scavenger hunt through Indy's history!
Back-to-School Festival – July 25
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Basile History Market

Your one-stop shop for all things Indiana is downtown Indy's largest independent bookstore.





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