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Family History

Through our publications, programs, and library and archives, we can connect you with your with Hoosier ancestors.

Family History Publications

IHS has been publishing indexes and research guides for primary source material and the journal THG: Connections for more than half a century. As family historians progressed from simply tracking ancestors to learning about their lives, IHS’s other books became important for learning about Indiana’s families and communities. Today, IHS Press indexes and other data are published in Online Connections.

Family History and Genealogy Programs

From basic genealogy workshops to lectures featuring regional and national family history experts, IHS offers many educational opportunities throughout the year to learn about family history and connect with your past.

Family History Research

The IHS library’s vast collection of manuscripts, visual materials and rare published volumes and help create a clearer image and understanding of the time in which your ancestors lived. Maps, on-site genealogy databases, Civil War diaries, club and organizational records and personal papers are among the many treasures that may help in illuminating the past and discovering your ancestors.