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Family Records

The Family Records Department contains ancestral information from Bibles, reunion meeting minutes and other sources donated by readers. Family Records articles, as all articles in Online Connections, can be searched by any term, for example, an individual's last name, a place of residence or a year.

The Alice Lawton Family Bible, by Roger Lawton and Rachel Christine Fulk

The Arbuckle-Spaugh Family Bible Records, transcribed by Margaret Read MacDonald 

Armstrong Family Tree: Compiled from the John H. Armstrong Family Papers Collection, 1828-1957, by Christina R. Bunting and Lois Naughton Allis

Ault Family Bible Records, Northern Indiana, 1810-1947, transcribed by Dorothy Jean Schroeder and Kimberly Hunter

Barner Family Bible Records, 1783-1930, by Natalie Burriss and Ethan Chitty

The Brennan Family Bible, by Lois Naughton Allis and Chelsea Sutton

Family Genealogy Extracted and Compiled from the Kidd Family Papers, 1815-1887, by K. L. Combs and Chelsea Sutton

Family Records from the Bible of Naomi Elizabeth Dicks Palmes VanGorden, transcribed by Peggy Curtis Smith

Family Records from the Marshall M. Milford Family Bible, by Ethan R. Chitty and Natalie Burriss

Family Tree from the William Greene Brown Papers, by Callie McCune and Chelsea Sutton

Hole Family Tree Created from Manuscript Items from Campbell Township, Jennings County, compiled by Karen M. Wood and K. L. Combs

The Jessup-Kennard Family Reunion Record Book, 1904-1931, by Natalie Burriss and Chelsea Sutton

Dr. John Allen Williams Family Records, 1771-1951, by Callie McCune and Chelsea Sutton

Lewis-Tobias Family Bible Records, transcribed by Beverlyn Weddell

List of Names in a Pamphlet Commemorating the LaFuze Family Centennial Reunion, 1913, by Mary Blair Immel and Wendy L. Adams

The Living Descendants of Robert and Mary Logan Elliott in 1908, contributed by Ken Hixon

Records from Two Marshall Family Bibles, 1752-1932, transcribed by Lloyd Hosman 

Records of a DAR Applicant: Bryson, Palmer, Stephens, Russell and Sullivan Families, by Karen Wood

The Russell L. Powell Materials: Two Generations of the Powell Family, 1876-1984, by Natalie Burriss and Elena Rippel

Smith Family Genealogy from the Clarence H. Smith Papers, by Freddie Waters and Stephanie M. Schulze