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Women's History, Individual and Family, A-B

ALBRIGHT, LIBBIE M. Diaries, 1871-1885. One manuscript box. Collection guide online. Libbie M. Albright (b. ca. 1858) was the daughter of Joseph Reeder and Margaret (nee Norris) Albright of Saint Joseph County. She was a founder of the Good Templars Lodge, New Carlisle. Maude Evans (b. 1878) may have been the daughter of Joseph Albright and Louisa McPhee. The collection includes five diaries written by Libbie M. Albright of New Carlisle, Olive Township, Saint Joseph County, between 1871-1872 and 1874-1876. The diaries mainly discuss routine activities of the Albright family and social events in Olive Township. A letter from Maude Evans of Dakota Territory to Ella Albright includes family news and personal questions. Also included is Maude’s Bible.

ANDREWS, L.O. Letter, 1937. SC 1972. One folder. No collection guide available. Natalie Fenelon, an African-American education student at Indiana University, was not permitted, because of segregation, to complete her student teaching at Bloomington High School. The letter in this collection, written by L.O. Andrews, assistant director of supervised teaching, Indiana University, to Professor Teter in the Physiology Department, requests an excused absence from class for Fenelon to enable her to complete her student teaching at Crispus Attucks High School in Indianapolis.

ARMSTRONG, IRVEN. Collection, 1918-1996 (bulk, 1918-1992). M0745. One box. Collection guide online. The collection contains letters written by female students to Sergeant Irven Armstrong. The young women attended Indianapolis Public Schools #17. In general, the letters wish him well, commend his war service, express homefront support of American soldiers, comment on the effects of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic, thank him for keeping America safe for Democracy and bid him a safe return. The letters, executed with good penmanship, contain the signatures and addresses of the students, all who lived within blocks of the near westside school. All letters are dated 7 November 1918.

ARMSTRONG, JOHN H. Family papers, 1828-1957. M 0410, OM 0112. Three boxes, one folder. Collection guide online. Described in Pumroy and Brockman, Guide to Manuscript Collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library, A-9. John H. Armstrong, son of Col. John Armstrong, was a cabinetmaker, lumber dealer and farmer in La Porte. He and his wife Susannah Beggs Armstrong were active in the spiritualist movement. Armstrong’s family included Alphonso Adkins, a La Porte railroadman, and Adkins’s children Irvin Ryan Adkins and Alta Viola Adkins, a Hammond, Lake County, schoolteacher. The collection contains family correspondence (1850-1902), including notes on religion and spiritualism, and family genealogy.

BAILEY, AUDRA. Papers, 1965-1991. M 0587. One box. Collection guide online. Audra [Snyder] Lindley Bailey was born in Amboy, Marion County, in 1909. She graduated from Indiana University in 1930 and received a master’s degree in administration from Butler University in 1944. While her teaching career spanned the years 1931-1979 she was also active in many civic, service and church organizations. Materials in this collection – correspondence, committee minutes and reports, high school newsletters and programs, articles and clippings – focurs on Audra Bailey’s involvement in education and women’s rights.

BAILEY, SARAH. Papers, 1820-1895. SC 0040. Six folders. Collection guide in library. Described in Pumroy and Brockman, Guide to Manuscript Collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library, A-14. Sarah Bailey, born 1835, lived in Richmond, Wayne County, and married William Gilbert in 1865. The bulk of the papers (1853-1872) are from suitors, relatives in Wayne County, and relatives and friends serving in the Union Army during the Civil War.

BAIRD, EMILY J. Letter, 1859. SC 2410. One folder. Collection guide online. One item, a letter dated 21 June 1859, written by Emily J. Baird of Cloverdale, Putnam County, to her brother William J. Koons, of Bethel, Bath County, Ky. The letter describes the writer’s garden, the operation of the farm, the people of Indiana and local trends in weddings.

BAKER, JENNIE. Papers, 1884-1930. M 0434, BV 2144-2145. One box, two volumes. Collection guide online. Jennie Baker lived in Kendallville, Noble County. The collection contains family correspondence to and from Baker, primarily during the Spanish-American War.

BANTZ FAMILY. Photograph album, ca. 1890-ca. 1946. P0289. One album. Collection guide online. Martin Levi (Mort) Bantz (1876-1954) and Cornelia Ford Bantz (1863-1948) operated the Senate Saloon at 123 Washington St. in Hartford City, from ca. 1907 to ca. 1916. The album contains photographs depicting the social and family life of the Bantz family. Included are images of the Bantz children, James (b. 1906) and Florence (b. 1910), employees of the saloon, and candid photographs of groups of women drinking from bottles of beer. Florence Banz, aged about 6, also poses with a bottle of beer.

BARLOW, CHARITY. Papers, 1820. SC 2307. One folder. Collection guide online. This collection consists of one letter written by Charity Addams Barlow in Princetown (Princeton), Gibson County, to her parents in New York, describing various diseases rampant in Indiana during 1820.

BARNARD, HARRY EVERETT. Papers, 1888-1847. M 0010, OM 0115. Eighteen manuscript boxes, one oversize folder, one folder photographs. Collection guide online. Described in Pumroy and Brockman, Guide to Manuscript Collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library, A-22. Marion Harvie Barnard (1875-ca. 1969) arrived in the United States from England in the 1890s. She married H.E. Barnard, a chemist, ca. 1901. She was treasurer of the Indiana Equal Suffrage Association and a member of the Woman’s Franchise League of Indiana. Alice Harvie Duden (1873-1926) attended Philadelphia Dental College (later Temple University School of Dentistry) and practiced dentistry in Concord, N.H., and Indianapolis. She also taught at the Indiana Dental College. She was married to Hans Duden, a chemist at Kingan and Company (meat packers). The collection includes personal correspondence of the Barnard and Duden familes, particularly between Harryand Marion Barnard and Alice Harvie Duden. Also included are love letters exchanged between Marion Harvie and HarryBarnard. Included are descriptions of the Naval Proving Grounds at Indiana Head, Md. One letter, signed by Carrie Chapman Catt, concerns the Woman’s Suffrage Association. Alice Harvie Duden’s letters to the Barnardfamily concern daily life at the Philadelphia Dental College and the problems of establishing a dental practice.

BARNER-JONES FAMILY. Papers, 1828-1971. M 0689, BV 3179-3182, OM 0098. Six boxes, four volumes, four folders. Collection guide online. This collection includes papers of the Barner, Collett and Jones families of Indiana. The bulk of the collection represents the life activities of John Barner (1810-1892) and David M. Jones (1828-1865). Included in the collection are two small series: one of correspondence and diaries relating to Nellie Jones (1858-1905), daughter of David M. and Ellen [Collett] Jones, and a second of Ellen [Collett] Jones (1833-1924), wife of David M. Jones.

BARNETT FAMILY CORRESPONDENCE. ca. 1849-1890. M0733. One box. Collection guide online. The collection consists of correspondence of the Barnett family of Cass and Pulaski Counties. Maria (Cook) Barnett wrote most of the letters in the collection, largely to her son George H. Barnett and his family. Maria’s letters detail daily family activities and news. Her later correspondence originated from Logansport, Winimac and Pleasant Grove.

BARNUM, CAROLINE C. Journal, 1851. SC 0063. One folder. Collection guide online. Caroline Cornelia Barnum (1833-1911) was a daughter of Phineas T. Barnum (1810-1890). She married David W. Thompson and lived in Connecticut. This collection consists of one bound volume. The first 15 pages form part of a journal kept by Caroline C. Barnum during April 1851 while accompanying Jenny Lind’s concert tour. It describes events as the tour passed through Louisville, Ky.; Cincinnati; and Madison.

BARTEAU, BETTY SCALES. Research papers, ca. 1994-1997. M 0716, CT 0808. Three boxes, one cassette audiotape, and four folders of visual material. Collection guide online. A native of Boonville, Barteau was admitted to the Indiana Bar in 1965. She served as deputy prosecutor in Spencer and Warrick Counties, practiced law in Marion County and served as Marion County Superior Court judge. Since 1991, she has served as a judge on the Indiana Court of Appeals, fifth district. The collection contains research material collected by Barteau for “Thirty Years of the Journey of Indiana’s Women Judges, 1964-1994” published as vol. 30, no. 1 of the Indiana Law Review. Included are questionnaires (with biographical informatio participating judges), drafts, notes, photocopied articles and correspondence.

BECK, MARJORIE. Collection. 1842-1970. M 0669, OM 0349. Nine boxes, three folders. Collection guide in library. This collection is the result of genealogical research conducted by the donor, Marjorie Hopper Beck. Miriam Retherford Colvin, dietician, teacher and world traveler, is one of the family members on whom research was conducted.

BELLAMY, Flavius Josephus. Family photographs. ca. 1860-ca. 1870. P 0330. Four folders. Collection guide in library. Bellamy was born Oct. 4, 1838 in Switzerland County. He represented Switzerland and Ohio Counties in the state senate in 1867 and Ripley and Switzerland Counties in 1869. The collection contains 26 cartes-de-visite photographs and six tintypes of Bellamy’s friends and relatives. These include Christine Hart Bellamy and Jennie Snyder Bellamy, a singer.

BEMENT, ANNA L. Letter, ca. 1850. SC 2422. One folder. Collection guide online. This collection consists of one letter written about 1850 by Anna L. Bement in Vincennes, Knox County, , to William H. Law, Evansvil She describes her trip, by boat and wagon, with her husband from Evansville, Vanderburgh County, to Vincennes.

BENSON, NELLIE. Letter, 1868. SC 2218. One folder. No collection guide available. This collection consists of one letter written by a schoolgirl to her grandmother on 28 February 1868. The writer, Nellie Benson, has recently moved from an unknown location to Minneapolis, Minn.. Her letter discusses school and her feelings of loneliness.

BISHOP, JOHN M. Diaries and Papers, 1835-1887. M 0465. Two boxes. Collection guide online. John M. Bishop (1819-1890) was an itinerant Presbyterian minister in Indiana. He married Lucy D. North (1823-?) of Oxford, Ohio, on Nov. 10, 1846. This collection consists of Bishop’s diaries and the records of the Lane Seminary Literary Society. Included in this collection is a travel diary of Bishop’s sister-in-law, Jane North Lewis (1835-1836), detailing her travels in Florida, Louisiana, and New England; a writing book of Bishop’s wife, Lucy (1840-1870); and an 1855 Salem Female Seminary flyer.

BLACK, MARY. Collection, 1855-1993. M 0675, OM 0303. Six boxes, three folders. Collection guide online. Mary Black (d. 1993) was a 1923 graduate of Butler University and a lifelong resident of Indianapolis. Her father, Frank Morris Black, was related to and worked for, the Wasson Department Store. A sister, Dorothy, also a Butler graduate, married Charles J. Lynn, an executive of the Eli Lilly Company and philanthropist. The bulk of this collection consists of personal correspondence of Frank and Agnes [Herd] Black and Dorothy and Charles Lynn. Family matters, business concerns, World War I experiences, Butler University class reunions and the Visiting Nurses’ Association are some of the subjects. The collection also includes a 1901 calendar hand-painted by Mary Black. Each of its 12 pages has a colored sketch, together with one or two quotations, some indicating the name of both the author and the person who chose the quotation.

BLACKBURN, DORA ATKINS. Collection, 1926-1978. M 0634. Five boxes. Collection guide in library. Dora Atkins Blackburn was born in Indianapolis and attended Butler University. After her mother’s death, she and her sister Murray Atkins took over Atkins Flower Shop, started by her mother. Dora Atkins operated the flower shop in Indianapolis for more than years. The collection contains several photographs of Blackburn, including a 1910 photograph of Blackburn with three classmates crocheting at school. The collection contains materials related to the Blackburn genealogy; Blackburn’s mother, Dora Graham Atkins; and her father, Calvin R. Atkins, a physician. A 1937 letter from Arthur T. Long refers to an article about Dora Blackburn that appeared in Opportunity, the news magazine of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The collection includes photographs and clippings about the Atkins Flower Shop, including a guest list from the 50th anniversary celebration of the business. Mayor William H. Hudnut proclaimed Nov. 20, 1977, Dora Atkins Blackburn day in Indianapolis. Items relating to Calvin R. Atkins include a copy of the first annual report (1910) of Lincoln Hospital, established by black physicians to serve African-Americans in Indianapolis at a time of rigid segregation and critical health care concerns.

BOLTON, SARAH TITTLE BARRETT. Papers, 1832-1893. SC 0108. One folder. Collection guide in library. Sarah Tittle Barrett Bolton (1814-1893) was born in Newport, Ky., the oldest of six children of Esther Pendleton and Jonathan Belcher Barrett. The family moved to a frontier farm in Indiana on Six-Mile Creek northeast of Vernon in Jennings County while Bolton was still a child. She married Nathaniel Bolton of Madison, Jefferson County, an editor, in 1831. Later she married Addison Reese. Bolton was a leader in the early movement for women’s legal rights and aided Robert Dale Owen in his successful fight in the State Constitutional Convention of 1850 and the legislature of 1851 for personal property rights for married women. This collection includes documents, correspondence, and poetry concerning Bolton’s life. There is an 1882 letter from Bolton to W. W. Woolen concerning Robert Dale Owen’s efforts during the 1850 Indiana Constitutional Convention to secure rights for women.

BOSTON, DELBERT D. Papers, 1881-1960. M 0314. Three boxes. Collection guide in library. Described in Pumroy and Brockman, Guide to Manuscript Collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library, A-39. Delbert D. Boston, born 1866, was a barber in Findlay, Ohio, and Harlan, Allen County. He married Ella Furney of Harlan in 1889. The collection includes correspondence between Boston and his fiancee and wife and letters from his daughter while attending Indiana Normal School at Terre Haute, Vigo County, in 1908.

BOWERS, SYBIL M. AND CLAUDE G. Letters, ca. 1932-ca. 1952. M 0767. One box, one folder. Collection guide online. The collection includes 65 letters, mostly from Sybil McCaslin Bowers (1879-1958) to Jessie E. Moore (ca. 1881-1962). The women attended Indiana Normal School together and remained friends following Sybil’s marriage to Claude Gernade Bowers in 1911. Jessie E. Moore taught school at Emmerich Manual Training High School in Indianapolis. Claude Bowers served as American ambassador to Spain (1933-1939) and Chile (1939-1953), while Sybil acted as hostess at the embassy residences. The letters, written mostly from France, Spain and Chile, discuss social activities, the furniture and structure of embassy compounds, and the surrounding countryside. Sybil rarely comments on her husband’s official activities. One letter is from Sybil’s daughter, Pat Bowers, thanking Jessie for a Christmas gift.

BRANDT, MARIE ESTER. Diaries, 1849-1869. M 0024, F 0991-0992. One box, two microfilm reels. Collection guide in library. Described in Pumroy and Brockman, Guide to Manuscript Collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library, A-43. Brandt was a Quaker Sabbath schoolteacher in Hanover, Jefferson County, and daughter of a farmer and general store owner in Hanover. The diary entries describe daily life, social activities and Civil War experiences in the towns of Hanover and Madison and at Hanover College.

BRITTS, EDNA EARL BRENT. Diary, 1910. SC 1891. One folder. No collection guide available. This diary consists of notes of personal activities and local events in Columbus, Bartholomew County, in 1910.

BROKENBURR, ROBERT LEE. Papers, 1941-1973. M 0492, BV 2432-2434, OM 0223. One box, three volumes, one folder. Collection guide in library. While the bulk of this collection pertains to the Indiana senate and judicial career of Robert Brokenburr, it also includes papers (1949-1965) of his daughter Alice Olga Brokenburr Ray. Black Women in the Middle West Project.

BROWN, CLAYTON. Letter, 1849. SC 2393. One folder. Collection guide online. Millicent Ann Stratton lived in New London, Howard County. This collection consists of one letter (15 August 1849) from Stratton to Clayton Brown of Richmond, Wayne County. It discusses the cholera epidemic and the town of Boston.

BUCKLEY, SARAH. Letters, 1866-1867. SC 0147. One folder. Collection guide in library. Letters from Annie M. Livermore (Mrs. Thomas), Valparaiso, Porter County; R. Buckley, New Albany, Floyd County; and Annie Crawford, La Porte, La Porte County; to Mrs. Sarah Buckley, Media, Delaware County, Pa. Letters concern woolen mills in Pennsylvania and Indiana.

BURCH, BETTY ANN. Papers, 1940-1949. SC 2545. Four folders. Collection guide online. Betty Ann Burch lived in East Chicago, Lake County, during the 1940s. This collection contains items relating to her years at Roosevelt High School to her position as mechanical draftsman at Edward Valve and Manufacturing Company.