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Western Europeans


GILLES, JOHN FRANCIS. Civil War Diaries, 1861-1865. SC 2392. One folder. Collection guide online. Gilles, a native of Antwerp, Belgium, served in the 33rd Indiana Volunteer Regiment during the Civil War. Gilles enlisted from Knox County and saw action in Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia. The collection contains two small diaries kept by Gilles during his entire four years of service in Company B, 33rd Indiana Volunteer Regiment. The entries, in pencil and pen, are very small and badly faded.


BAIRD, EMILY J. Letter, 21 June 1859. SC 2410. One folder. Collection guide online. The collection contains a letter from Baird in Cloverdale to William J. Koons, Bethel, Kentucky. Topics include Baird’s garden and farm, visitors, bigotry and the intermarriage of Dutch and Irish.

TEN BROOK, ANDREW. Autobiography, 1888-1889. SC 2162. One folder. No collection guide available. Written in 1888-1889 in Rockville. Typed transcript.


BADOLLET, JOHN. Papers, 1768-1901. F 0032-0033. Two reels of microfilm. No collection guide available. Includes letters of Louis Salomon, 1807-1835.

COUPIN, CLAUDE ANTOINE GABRIEL. Papers, 1790-1805. M 0416. One box. Collection guide in library. Came to America from Sevres, France, in 1790. Collection contains legal documents, letters and bills.

EDWARDS, ABRAHAM. Account Books of Abraham Edwards of Detroit, 1817-1823. F 0005. One reel of microfilm. Collection guide in library. General store used by residents of Michigan, Northern Indiana and elsewhere.

HALDIMAND, FREDERICK. Papers. SC 0667. One folder. No collection guide available. Photocopies. Ten documents, 1766-1774, longhand copies from Public Archives of Canada.

LASSELLE, HYACINTH. Collection Transcripts and Translations, 1713-1908. M 0435. Three boxes. Collection guide online. Hyacinth Lasselle was a French trader and officer in the Indiana militia. He married Julia Bosseron, the daughter of a Vincennes fur trader. The couple’s children were Charles B., a lawyer and politician of Cass County; Stanislaus, a dry goods merchant and newspaper publisher; Hyacinth Jr., a merchant, lawyer, and newspaper publisher; and Jacques Magloire, a Cass County lawyer and judge. The collection contains transcripts and translations of about 800 French language documents from the Lasselle Collection of the Indiana State Library. The documents are the personal and business papers of the family and deal with French traders, the early military history of the state, and the business and political activities of Lasselle’s sons.

LASSELLE, HYACINTH. Accounts List, 1816. SC 0958. One folder. No collection guide available. List of debts due to A. Marchall’s estate recovered by Lasselle as administrator.

OLD NORTHWEST. Papers and Documents. 1721-1802 (bulk 1780-1801). M 0367. Three boxes, 10 oversize folders. Collection guide online. The Northwest Territory was created by the Ordinance of 1787 and consisted of land between the Ohio River, the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes. In 1800, the Indiana Territory was separated from the Northwest Territory and two years later, the present state of Michigan was added to the Indiana Territory. In 1803, the Northwest Territory ceased to exist with the admission of Ohio as a state. The collection contains miscellaneous papers in English, German and French; some French materials have been translated into English. The papers relate to the exploration, settlement and administration of the Northwest Territory. Topics include the U.S. Army in the west; the campaigns against Native Americans by Harmar, St. Clair, and Wayne; the Ohio Company and land settlement; the French and British in the Northwest Territory and in the American Revolution; territorial court records; territorial politics and government; French fur trading expeditions; government relations and treaties with Native Americans; Clark’s expeditions against Vincennes and Kaskaskia; and military actions in the west during the American Revolution.

VACELET, JEAN DÉSIRÉ. Passport. OM 0211. One oversize folder. No collection guide available. Passport, 21 February 1865 (in French). Vacelet lived in Vincennes.


BADOLLET, JOHN. Papers, 1768-1901. F 0032. One reel of microfilm. No collection guide available. Born in Switzerland. Collection includes three letters of L. Gex Obussier, 1836-37.

DUFOUR, JOHN JAMES et al. SC 1687. One folder. No collection guide available. Covenant d’association pour l’etablissement des terres de Suisserland fur le fleuve de l’Ohio. 20 January 1803. Document outlines the establishment of a colony of Swiss vintners in what became Switzerland County, Indiana. Translation printed in IHS Publications, vol. 13.

GAY, R. HENRY. SC 0617. One folder. No collection guide available. Two letters of Gay, Cannelton, 23 December 1857 and 9 January 1858. The Swiss Colonization Society is settling here, buying land. Gives description of land and location.

GEX OBUSSIER, LOUIS. Papers, 1804-1842. SC 0620. Four folders. No collection guide available. Letters and bills of sale from merchants in Pittsburgh to Gex Obussier in Vevay, New Switzerland.

HIRSHBRUNNER, JOHN CASPAR. Autobiography, 1900-1997. SC 1666. One folder. Collection guide online. A native of Berne, Switzerland, Hirshbrunner worked as a journeyman tanner until he immigrated to New York in 1851. In 1853, he married and moved to Indianapolis. The family moved to Terre Haute in 1856, then to Parke County in 1859, settling in Lusk Springs and then Rockville. The collection contains a photocopied 16-page typescript of Hirshbrunner’s 1900 autobiography, and a 1997 edited and bound version of the typescript, including photocopies of family photographs. There are also two pages of notes by Hirshbrunner’s great-granddaughter, Melita J. Campbell. Topics include Hirshbrunner’s childhood and youth in Switzerland; his years as a journeyman tanner; his immigration to the U.S.; and life in Indiana.

MARTIN, JACQUES. M 0345. One box. No collection guide available. Translation of the book, Le Rendex-vous Americàin, Correspondence et Journal Inédits de Jacque Martin, 1853-1868. Swiss immigrant who owned a ferry in Spencer County and served in 6th Ohio Regiment during the Civil War, 1861-1864.

PERRY COUNTY MICROFILM. F 0180. One reel of microfilm. Swiss Colonization Society Papers, 1852-1859. Collection guide in library. ZULAUF, JOHN. Papers. M 0308, BV 1769-1772. One box, four bound volumes. Collection guide in library. Came from Thurgan, Switzerland, to Clark County. Operated a lace and silk importing store in Louisville, Ky., and employed to represent Swiss heirs of John Fischli (d. 1838). Bulk of letters in German to Zulauf from family and employers in Switzerland, 1835-1866.