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Indiana National Guard Records Index Online

Friends of the Indiana State Archives volunteers processed the collection, creating files for individuals, including enlistment papers, service record cards and other records. They entered into a database each soldier’s name, enlistment date, and place of enrollment. Researchers may search thousands of names in the database, dating from 1898 through 1940, on the Indiana Digital Archives web site http://www.indianadigitalarchives.org/Titleinfo.aspx?TID=94.

Then as now, enrollment into the National Guard surged during times of international conflict. Entire regiments mobilized into federal service and saw action during the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection, the Mexican Border War, and World War I. Hoosier troops also restored order during periods of internal strife, such as the coal mine strikes in Terre Haute during the 1930s.

The quantity of information in a file varies depending upon the period when the individual served. Files for Spanish-American War enrollees typically consist of enlistment cards. Supplemental materials may be available in the Spanish-American War Collection, which includes veterans’ files.

Soldiers who joined around the time of the Mexican Border War or the World War I era, 1916 through 1919, will have physical exam records, enlistment papers and service cards in their files. Sometimes the information includes names and addresses of next of kin, along with a general description of the guardsman/woman, and his or her birth date and place of nativity. Patrons should also check the Book of Merit, the Gold Star Honor Roll and the World War I Service Record and Draft Enrollment collections for these soldiers.

Request copies of the records by contacting:

Indiana State Archives
6440 E. 30th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46219
(317) 591-5222

Thanks to Vicki Casteel, Indiana State Archives, for this information.

Company H, 158th Indiana Volunteers (Indiana Woman Magazine, May 28, 1898)



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