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In the Name of Service

This week is National Volunteer Week. I have been asked several times over the years, “What is National Volunteer Week; is it just to recognize volunteers?” My response is usually similar to what I am about say ... National Volunteer Week is a week that is dedicated to thanking volunteers as well as a call to action for new volunteers. It is a week to remember volunteering and to get excited about service. At a recent Central Indiana Association of Volunteer Administration meeting there was discussion about what are we going to do for National Volunteer Week. The response varied, with some organizations doing a pitch-in lunch, hanging a banner or giving a small gift. I was struck with how lucky I am to work for an organization that allows me to give back to the volunteers. This week, volunteers at IHS will get a small token of our appreciation, as well as the opportunity to attend an ice cream party.

I am a true believer in service.. IHS and other nonprofits in our community could not do the work we do with without volunteers. I have seen first-hand the effects volunteers have. As an organization, you get to know your volunteers, come to depend on them and enjoy having them around. We notice when they are gone or can't come in for some reason. This week, please take a minute to thank volunteers wherever you may be. When you're around the History Center this week, please stop our volunteers and thank them for their service to the Indiana Historical Society.

Happy Volunteering! 



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