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Faces in the Crowd

The exhibits staff at the Indiana Historical Society is hard at work on a number of projects. Come visit the Emison Room at the History Center to see the Emison family powder horn we recently put on display. One of the many objects from our amazing collection of pioneer and Old Northwest Territory history!

Coming up fast on the calendar is this year’s Indiana Black Expo event. The Indiana Historical Society is a regular participant in the Cultural Arts Pavilion alongside friends such as the Indiana State Museum, Crispus Attucks Museum, and Herron School of Art and Design. This year, we're developing a new exhibition that will emphasize the role of the everyday citizen in the electoral process and by extension, the ability of each person to make a difference in shaping our political landscape.

Bobby K

Using amazing photographs from – not only our collection but from partners like the Indianapolis Star and the Calumet Regional Archives – we'll look back at images of campaign events surrounding the candidacies of politicians such as Abraham Lincoln, Wendell Willkie, Robert Kennedy and Barack Obama. However, instead of focusing on the candidates themselves, we will draw your attention to the people in the crowd. Their campaign signs, their clothing, their surroundings and, most importantly, their expressions. Candidates wouldn't get elected without voters, and it's our responsibility to take an active role in the process to shape our government. Come see this exciting exhibit (and much more) at Indiana Black Expo from July 16 through July 18.

In the meantime, stop in for a visit at the History Center. If you haven't yet seen the Indiana Experience, be sure to take advantage of the gorgeous spring weather on the canal and pop in to say hello!



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