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Changing Times

“For the times, they are a changin’.“  So goes the Dylan tune of a while ago and so it goes with our work here at IHS. Conservators get to look at time in a in a different way – examining the things of history; how and when a paper was made, the ink and such on it, the tools used to get it there, and how it all reacts to time. Our particular department has always taken a very long-term view about "things" and "time," mostly because we preserve the mainly paper-based things in our collection – maps, manuscripts, photographs. People do the weirdest things to paper with the hope of making it last a long time ... anyway, that’s another blog.

IHS looks at history just about the way it always has in my estimation, but the Indiana Experience puts a whole new twist on ... "things" and "time"  for YOU.  Every day, we get to touch, smell and peer into the things of history; and some say we have the best jobs because of it. I think we’d like a lot of people to get here and see time and things like we do ... dig in, and get all the way into it!  Come to the Indiana Experience and the History Center … 'cause the times they are a changin'!



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