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Map of Indiana, 1819

Traveller's Guide a Map of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, Extending from Pittsburg to the Gulf of Mexico,1833

Canals of Indiana

United States Showing Routes of Principal Explorers and Early Roads and Highways, 1908

The Tourist's Pocket Map of the State of Indiana Exhibiting its Internal Improvements, Roads, Distances, 1830

Official Railroad Map of Indiana, 1907


Eli Jacob's Petition for Naturalization

Valentine Baitz's Intention to Become a Citizen, 1851

Kungunde Hoffmann's Passport

Bessie Kocken's Passport, 1911


Exterior Leopold Strauss and Co., 1906

Children in Haughville Public Library

Purim Canival Photograph, 1948

Slovenian National Home

Lampert-Krizman Wedding Photograph

Children Celebrating Greek Independence Day

Montani Brothers Orchestra, Indianapolis, 1904

Montani Grocery Store

John Bova Conti Photograph, ca. 1925

John Bova Conti Store, 1945

Guedelhofer Wagon Company, ca.1915

Macedonian Political Organization Convention, Indianapolis, 1937

"Macedonian Bloody Wedding," Indianapolis, 1931

The Kaplan Family on Their First Night in America, 1949

Pantelis L. Cafouros, ca. 1893

The Paradise and Devil's Cafe, ca. 1910

Members, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 1915

Portrait of Frederick Fahnley

Portrait of Lena Fahnley

Exterior Image of Fahnley Home, 1922

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