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Workshops On Demand

Workshops On Demand

Schedule a free training session with content you select. The experienced and approachable Local History Services staff will come to your location to present a workshop just for your organization – or you can include other groups in your neighborhood. The workshops are casual, interactive, filled with information and even a few laughs. 

To schedule an on-demand workshop, email localhistoryservices@indianahistory.org or call (317) 232-4591.

Collections and Archives

So This Box Comes In… (full day) – Explore steps in processing an incoming donation to your museum, including accepting, accessioning, documenting and storing artifacts, historical records, papers and photographs. (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standards COLL 1 and 2.)

Building a Meaningful Collection (full day) – Dig deeply into developing your "scope of collections" statement to describe what you collect and why. An excellent follow-up workshop to So This Box Comes In... (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standards COLL 1 through 4 and INT 1 and 2.)


Building a Stronger Board for Your Historical Society (half or full day) – Designed for boards to better understand the three R's of boards: roles, responsibilities and recruitment.  (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standards MGMT 1 and 8 and all MVG standards.)

Planning for Beginners (full day) – De-mystify the process of creating strategic and organizational plans and learn non-threatening ways for you to introduce planning and budgeting to your group. (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standards MVG 3 and MGMT 9.)

Bylaws (two hours) – Update your bylaws to better govern your organization. (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standards MVG 5.)


Understanding Audiences and Visitors (full day) – Collect visitor information, locate demographic research and explore how to use that information to make your organization more relevant. (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standards AUD 1 and MGMT 9.)

The “Whys” of Volunteers (half day) – Learn why you need volunteers, why volunteers choose an organization, why they leave, why there are legal ramifications in working with volunteers and other whys. (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standards MVG 3 and 4 and MGMT 1, 3 and 4.)

Basics of Financial Management (full day) – Learn about better budgeting, creating helpful financial reports, and analyzing financial information to make good decisions. (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standard MGMT 1.)

Other topics may be available on request.

*Note: To learn more about the American Association for State and Local History Standards and Excellence Program for History Organizations, visit the AASLH StEPs website.