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Workshops On Demand

Workshops On Demand

Schedule a free training session on one of the topics below. The experienced and approachable Local History Services staff will come to your location to present one of these workshop just for your organization – or you can include other groups in your neighborhood. The workshops are casual, interactive, filled with information and even a few laughs. 

To schedule an on-demand workshop, email localhistoryservices@indianahistory.org or call (317) 232-4591.

Collections and Archives

So This Box Comes In… (full day) – Explore steps in processing an incoming donation to your museum, including accepting, accessioning, documenting and storing artifacts, historical records, papers and photographs. (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standards COLL 1 and 2.)

Building a Meaningful Collection (full day) – Dig deeply into developing your "scope of collections" statement to describe what you collect and why. An excellent follow-up workshop to So This Box Comes In... (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standards COLL 1 through 4 and INT 1 and 2.)


Building a Stronger Board for Your Historical Society (half or full day) – Designed for boards to better understand the three R's of boards: roles, responsibilities and recruitment.  (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standards MGMT 1 and 8 and all MVG standards.)

Planning for Beginners (full day) – De-mystify the process of creating strategic and organizational plans and learn non-threatening ways for you to introduce planning and budgeting to your group. (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standards MVG 3 and MGMT 9.)

Bylaws (two hours) – Update your bylaws to better govern your organization. (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standards MVG 5.)


Understanding Audiences and Visitors (full day) – Collect visitor information, locate demographic research and explore how to use that information to make your organization more relevant. (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standards AUD 1 and MGMT 9.)

The “Whys” of Volunteers (half day) – Learn why you need volunteers, why volunteers choose an organization, why they leave, why there are legal ramifications in working with volunteers and other whys. (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standards MVG 3 and 4 and MGMT 1, 3 and 4.)

Basics of Financial Management (full day) – Learn about better budgeting, creating helpful financial reports, and analyzing financial information to make good decisions. (Addresses AASLH StEPs Standard MGMT 1.)

Other topics may be available on request.

*Note: To learn more about the American Association for State and Local History Standards and Excellence Program for History Organizations, visit the AASLH StEPs website.