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Traveling Exhibits

Traveling exhibits can be set up at your location as an inexpensive way of enhancing your exhibitions, educational programming, events and activities.

Your organization may borrow professional-quality, small traveling exhibitions on a variety of topics (see list at right).  Exhibits are available to local historical societies, museums, schools, libraries, nonprofit organizations and government agencies in Indiana. 

Booking Details

Exhibits are free for historical societies and historical museums. Other organizations will be charged a $100 rental fee per exhibit.

Organizations may schedule up to three traveling exhibitions per calendar year. Each exhibit may be borrowed for approximately four to five weeks at a time.

Borrowing organizations normally arrange for traveling exhibits to be shown at their own facility. However, you may arrange to sponsor an exhibition at another site in the community if you wish.

We’ll deliver and set up the exhibit at your site – with the exception of wall-hung exhibitions – as well as take it down at the end of your show. You’ll need to provide storage for the shipping containers while the exhibit is on site.

We’ll provide a sample news release for publicizing your exhibit along with your confirmation. Please don’t announce the exhibition until you receive your written confirmation.

To book an exhibit, please contact Karen DePauw at localhistoryservices@indianahistory.org or (317) 233-3110.