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The Great War: From Ration Lines to the Front Lines

The Great War

Indiana’s contributions during the First World War went far beyond the men and women who were drafted or volunteered for overseas duty. Tens of thousands left home for European battlefields, hospitals, and training camps, and several thousand never returned. The scale of the war and the vast amount of mobilized resources unavoidably drew Hoosiers statewide into the war effort with long-lasting effects.

The exhibit explores the roots of World War I, America’s entrance into the war, Indiana’s participation in and contributions to the war effort, the evolution of warfare, the role of Hoosier women both at home and abroad, Germans in Indiana, efforts for lasting peace, the construction of the American Legion building and the Indiana War Memorial, and more. Made possible by Kroger.

Ideas for use: Showcase photographs and items from your local military history or World War I efforts while this exhibit is on display.

This is a 7-foot tall, freestanding exhibit requiring approximately 200 square feet of floor space.

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