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Sound Effects

Sound Effects - Entry from R. Nathan Cole - Greenwood Ind.jpg

Can a sound be seen or only heard? Is it possible to evoke the essence of a sound visually in a photograph? That was the challenge posed to Indiana photographers by the IHS’s photography contest in 2000. Sound Effects is a wall-hung exhibit consisting of 31 framed photographs chosen from the contest entries. Selected photographs were chosen from the professional, amateur and student categories and illustrate sounds inherent in the Indiana experience. Each photo is accompanied by a short label written by the photographer explaining their image. The sounds depicted include natural, industrial, manmade, musical, urban and other sounds from the state's 92 counties.

Ideas for use: Showcase photographs from your collection or challenge your community to a similar photography contest while this exhibit is on display.

Sound Effects consists of individually framed photographs that are wired for hanging. It requires approximately 70 linear feet of wall space. The borrower is responsible for hanging the exhibit and taking it down after the show.

To book an exhibit, please contact Jeannette Rooney at localhistoryservices@indianahistory.org or (317) 233-8913.