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One Shot: The WWII Photography of John A. Bushemi

One Shot

John A. Bushemi was a good-natured, talented photographer from Gary who covered several of the island invasions during World War II in the Pacific. This traveling exhibit features reproductions of Bushemi’s photographs “from a rifle’s length vantage point,” according to his colleague and fellow war correspondent Merle Miller.

Among the magazine covers and personal photographs from Bushemi’s assignment to YANK, the weekly magazine written by and for enlisted men, are images of soldiers training at Fort Bragg, soldiers on the beach of Entiwok Island in the Marshalls awaiting the order to attack, and close-up portraits of soldiers who were featured in an article about the battle for New Georgia.

Bushemi died Feb. 19, 1944, when shrapnel from Japanese knee-mortar shells hit and mortally wounded him. As navy surgeons frantically attempted to save Bushemi’s life, the photographer gave his epitaph, telling Miller, “Be sure to get those pictures back to the office.” Images of both his battleship funeral service and his funeral service back home in Gary are included in the exhibit.

Ideas for use: Showcase military items from your collection or host local World War II veterans for a lecture or oral history program while this exhibit is on display.

One Shot is a 7-foot tall, freestanding exhibit. It requires at least 220 square feet of floor space.

Click here for a detailed layout description.

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