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Endangered Heritage

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Endangered Heritage, a collections care advocacy exhibit, will soon be available at no cost through April 2013 to Indiana heritage organizations. The purpose of the exhibit is to educate local communities and potential funders about the need for good collections stewardship and to encourage contributions for collections care. It also gives examples of the dangers to objects in collections and information about the collections care needs of Indiana’s organizations.

Borrowing organizations normally arrange for traveling exhibits to be shown at their own facility. However, you may arrange to sponsor the exhibition at another site in your community. Local History Services staff will deliver and set up at your site as well as take it down at the end of your show. You’ll need to provide storage for the packing containers (several large canvas bags) while the exhibit is onsite. We’ll provide a sample news release for publicizing your exhibit along with your confirmation.

Ideas for use: A curriculum/program plan to educate your members and community about the causes of deterioration and how to care for personal collections is also included with the exhibit.

This exhibit consists of 12 one-sided, 2-feet wide, freestanding banner stands. An exhibit table with a secure vitrine (clear display cover) that you can use to feature items from your collection is provided in addition to the banner stands. It can be arranged to fit different floor configurations. It requires at least 100 square feet of floor space.

Click here for a detailed layout description.

To book an exhibit, please contact Jeannette Rooney at localhistoryservices@indianahistory.org or (317) 233-8913.