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Indiana Disasters


In Indiana, extreme weather such as floods, tornadoes, blizzards, and drought persist year to year. The way humans interact with their environment also leave people vulnerable to disasters, causing accidents like fires, crashes, spills, and explosions. Disasters of all kinds—biological, violent, or bizarre events such as epidemics, bombs, and squirrel migrations—are forever remembered in local communities.  

In this traveling exhibit, photographs from various IHS collections and institutions all over the state capture unforgettable Indiana catastrophes while newspaper headlines, illustrations and survivor accounts show how Hoosier's persevere in the face of disaster. Made possible by Kroger.

Ideas for use: Showcase items or newspaper clippings from your collection, host a science fair or have a meteorology program at your site while the exhibit is on display. This is a 7-foot tall, freestanding exhibit requiring approximately 200 square feet of floor space.

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To book an exhibit, please contact Karen DePauw at localhistoryservices@indianahistory.org or (317) 233-3110.