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Hoosiers and Their Hooch: Perspectives on Prohibition


Visitors will be taken through the rise and fall of prohibition in Indiana and throughout the entire country. The exhibit spans the dawn of the temperance movement of the 1900s, the roaring 1920s and the unprecedented repeal of a constitutional amendment during the Great Depression. 

The era’s conflicting cultures are demonstrated through colorful historic figures such as Edward S. Shumaker of the Indiana Anti-Saloon League, as well as the bootleggers, moonshiners and bathtub gin distillers who found their way around the law in Indiana. Guests can also take a look at how the prohibition movement is reflected in current issues. Made possible by Kroger.

Ideas for use: Showcase prohibition-era items from your collection or have a prohibition program at your site while the exhibit is on display. This is a 7-foot tall, freestanding exhibit requiring approximately 200 square feet of floor space.

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To book an exhibit, please contact Karen DePauw at localhistoryservices@indianahistory.org or (317) 233-3110.