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Freedom: A History of US


Freedom: A History of US uses reproductions of rarely seen documents and photographs to record and illustrate important people and events that trace the evolving principle of freedom in our country. The exhibit is arranged into six thematic sections: The Founding Era; Young Republic; The Nation Dividing: The Firebell in the Night; The Union Threatened, The Union Preserved; Emancipation; and Epilogue: The Price of Freedom. The contents are drawn from two privately held collections, the Gilder Lehrman Collection and the Kunhardt Collection.

Ideas for use: Showcase items or documents relating to freedom from your collection while this exhibit is on display.

Freedom: A History of US is a 7-foot tall, freestanding exhibit, comprised of six one-sided sections. The exhibition system is flexible, which allows the exhibit to be displayed in several possible configurations depending on the space available. It requires at least 225 square feet of floor space. Borrowers may request a single section, all the sections or any combination.

Click here for a detailed layout description.

To book an exhibit, please contact Karen DePauw at localhistoryservices@indianahistory.org or (317) 233-3110.