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Faces in the Crowd

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Candidates for political office have visited Indiana throughout the state’s history in an effort to garner support and votes. Since the early years of the electoral political system, Hoosiers have attended rallies, expressed their opinions and participated at the polls. They have supported and opposed candidates, and of course, run for office themselves.

Faces in the Crowd is not the story of the candidates behind the microphone, but of the individual citizens in the crowd – each of whom plays a crucial role in ensuring the electoral process works. Without voters’ support, enthusiasm and engagement, candidates would not be able to get the message out and win votes.

Ideas for use: display with political memorabilia from local campaigns, host a voter registration event or a debate on a topic of local interest, or gather oral histories from residents who were a part of major local, state or national campaigns.

This exhibit consists of 18 one-sided, 3-feet wide, freestanding banner stands. It can be arranged to fit different floor configurations. It requires at least 200 square feet of floor space.

Click here for a detailed layout description.

To book an exhibit, please contact Karen DePauw at localhistoryservices@indianahistory.org or (317) 233-3110.