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Auto Indiana: Celebrating the Automobile in Indiana

Auto Indiana

From Elwood Haynes's early machine to today's numerous parts manufacturers, this exhibition examines the role of the automobile in the Hoosier State. Indiana was one of the leaders in automobile production until the 1930s when Detroit emerged as the nation's technological and industrial giant.

The exhibit focuses on such topics as Haynes's life and career as an inventor in Kokomo, an early assembly line at the Revere Motor Car Corp. plant in Logansport, and the automobile's effects – both positive and negative – on society. It includes samples of the Studebaker Corporation's advertising literature.

Ideas for use: Showcase automobile items from your collection or have a car show at your site while this exhibit is on display. Auto Indiana is a 7-foot tall, freestanding exhibit requiring at least 220 square feet of floor space.

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