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Speakers List

Find a dynamic speaker or performer for your organization’s next special program or annual meeting.

At your next event, would you like to meet Abraham Lincoln or learn about Hoosier women’s roles? From the African Methodist Episcopal church to the Wabash and Erie Canal, discover performers, lecturers and first-person interpreters who share local and national history. Download this list of more than 100 speakers. 

The Indiana Historical Society Speakers Bureau is provided as a service to groups and organizations throughout Indiana seeking program topics with a historical flavor.

The list is arranged in alphabetical order by the speaker’s last name, followed by a subject index. There is also an index to special format presentations – children’s programs, first-person presentations, performance, musical presentations and how-to programs – at the end of the list.

Contact speakers directly for availability and questions. Financial and travel arrangements can and should be discussed at the time of contact. In many cases, both the speaker’s fees and travel expenses are negotiable.