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Local History Contacts

Find official Indiana county historians, local historical societies and genealogical societies.

Need help finding resources at the county level?

Click on a county within the Indiana map – or on the county name at right – to see a listing of local historical societies, genealogical societies and the county historian in that county.

What is a county historian?

Each county has one volunteer county historian who promotes local history in their counties and serves as the primary county history contact. IHS and the Indiana Historical Bureau established the County Historian Program in 1981 in an effort to improve the historical communication network in the state.

Need help finding other historical resources?

In addition to county-focused local history resources, there are several statewide or specialized historical organizations that may be helpful for local history research.

Need to update your organization's contact information?

If your organization listing is inaccurate or you would like it to be added to our listing, please email the information to localhistoryservices@indianahistory.org.

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