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THG: Connections Companion Articles

The articles in this portion of Online Connections serve as companions to the narrative articles in the award-winning journal THG: Connections by providing indexed data from rare source material, such as diaries, letters, account books and more, which are the basis of Connections articles. Wherever possible, Online Connections also links Connections companion articles to digitized documents, collection guides and repositories. For ease of matching Web articles with their narrative counterparts, Connections companion articles are divided into departments that correspond to the departments in the journal.

Family Records

Ancestral information from Bibles, reunion meeting minutes and other sources donated by readers like you.


Links to state and national websites for genealogical and historical research. 

Regional Sources and Stories

Name indexes and other data for Hoosier ancestors divided into regions in the state: Northern Indiana, Central Indiana and Southern Indiana.

Genealogy Across Indiana

Indexes and other data for rare source material regarding ancestors from across the Hoosier State.