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Contents for THG: Connections

Contents of the most recent issues of THG: Connections, from 2006 forward, can be found here. No indexes have been created for the narrative articles in these Connections issues. Instead, from 2007 on, fully searchable, data-based articles have appeared in the Connections Companion Articles portion of Online Connections.

Name indexes for The Hoosier Genealogist from 2000 through 2005 and for THG: Connections, 2006, can be found under the Indexes and Contents for The Hoosier Genealogist, 2000-2006 section of Online Connections. These volumes contain both narrative and data-based articles.

Prior to 2000, copies of The Hoosier Genealogist could be obtained only through membership to the Indiana Historical Society. Material from the volumes from 1961 through 1996 has been extracted and indexed in the IHS's Indiana Source Book Series. Source books are being created for 1997 through 1999 as well.

Indiana Source Books and issues of The Hoosier Genealogist from 2000 through 2005 as well as issues of THG: Connections from 2006 through the present may be purchased through the Basile History Market.

Contents for volume 46 (2006)

Contents for volume 47 (2007)

Contents for volume 48 (2008)

Contents for volume 49 (2009)