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Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History is an award-winning popular history magazine for IHS members.

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Boomhower, Ray E. “The Voters Speak: Robert F. Kennedy and the 1968 Indiana Primary.” Traces 20(2):20–29.

Davis, Calvin D. "'A Strong and Ardent Sentiment in Favor of Liberty': Abraham Lincoln and Greensburg, Indiana." Traces 24(1):36–47.

Fitzgibbon, Daniel H. “Tet Then and Now: A Hoosier Veteran’s Return to Vietnam.” Traces 15(4):26–37.

Madison, James H. “Burdens of Home and Memories of War: An Indiana Woman in World War II.” Traces 19(4):34–41.

Perry, Rachel Berenson. “Brushstrokes: Traces of T. C. Steele’s Indiana Footprints.” Traces 23(4):12–23.

Shepard, Randall T. “Slave Cases and the Indiana Supreme Court.” Traces 15(3 ):34–41.

Young, Julie. "A Hoosier Thriller: Gary, Indiana's Michael Jackson." Traces 21(4):16–27

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