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THG: Connections

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IHS members can receive THG: Connections, a biannual family history magazine also available in the Basile History Market.

  • “In article after article, Connections promotes the exploration of local history resources beyond the borders of traditional history … their offerings probe the interaction between ordinary citizens and communities at large … Its narratives by skilled researchers demonstrate how to weave families into the tapestry of history, enriching that larger tapestry in the process.” – Elizabeth Shown Mills, past president, Board for Certification of Genealogists
  •  “It is important that the scholarly genealogical community reach out and teach proper methods of research and of establishing well-founded conclusions. [THG: Connections] is one of the bastions of this community.” – Alvy Ray Smith, board of trustees, New England Historic Genealogical Society
  •  “[THG: Connections] is one of those rare periodicals that works successfully on several levels: It is … aimed at a wide audience; professionally produced with a well organized and visually effective focus on content; centered on local and regional topics whose impact reaches well beyond Indiana.” – Marianne S. Wokeck, associate dean, School of Liberal Arts, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis

THG: Connections continues IHS’s tradition and commitment to serving family historians with Hoosier ancestors. In 1961, IHS volunteers began indexing state and county sources and publishing the indexes and other data in a journal called The Hoosier Genealogist so people could learn if their ancestors were listed in government, court and archival documents. Occasional articles helped researchers know where to look for particular types of primary sources, and Bible records and queries about ancestors were also included.

As genealogists discovered who their ancestors were they became increasingly curious about their lives. THG began publishing articles telling how to conduct historical research and rich examples of family and local history. Professionals at repositories such as the Indiana State Archives and the National Archives in Chicago began sharing their expertise, and THG started publishing biographical stories about ancestors and families. Recognizing THG’s contributions to family and community history, the American Association of State and Local History presented an Award of Merit to IHS in 2006.

THG: Connections contents and name indexes covering volumes published between 2000 and 2003, and contents listings for volumes published between 2006 and 2008 are available for download here:

Index for 2000 

Index for 2001 

Index for 2002 

Index for 2003 

Contents for 2006 

Contents for 2007 

Contents for 2008

In 2007, THG became THG: Connections, a biannual magazine featuring in-depth articles covering the entire state as well as interesting family histories. Realizing that indexes and data from rare source material would be more accessible to a wider audience online, IHS also launched Online Connections.

Online Connections provides data from rare source material – such as diaries, letters, account books and more – online. It contains both companion articles for THG: Connections and book-length indexes.