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Historic Businesses

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 Title   Type 
Aebersold Florist File
Abbotts Candy File
Albion New Era File
Alexandria Times File
Amelios File
American Lawn Mower File
Atlas Foundry File
Auburn City Hardware File
Aurora Casket File
B. Walter File
Baker Daniels File
Ball Corp File
Bank of Geneva File
Bank One Richmond File
Barber Manufacturing File
Barnaby's Flowers File
Barrett McNagny File
Bergman Glancy File
Berhalter Hutchins File
Biggs Pump File
Billman File
Billy Martins File
Birkmeier Monument File
Bluffton New Banner File
Boetticher Kellogg File
Borneman File
Bowman Construction File
Bradshaw File
Brown Brothers File
Brownstown Hardware File
Bloomfield Manufacturing File
Bundy Bros File
Bohlen Meyer Gibson File
Bridgeton Mill File
Buschmann Carr File
Butler Company File
Business Printing File
Carroll County Abstract Title File
Carter Lee File
Centier File
Chaney Hardware File
Chapman Printing File
Charles Leich File
Citizens Exchange File
Chesterton Tribune File
Citizens Gas Coke File
Cm Hobbs File
Cloverdale Hardware File
Citizen Publications File
Cody Neely File
Columbus Republic File
Columbia Club File
Connersville Mirror Works File
Coppes Napanee File
Crescent Oil File
Curran Roofing File
Da Lite Screen File
Danners Hardware File
Crawfordsville Journal Review File
Crawford Electric File
David R Webb File
Dearboard Savings File
Day Nursery File
Defur Voran File
Danville Republican File
Dexter Gardner File
Dh Goble Printing File
Diamond Chain File
Dieckmann Funeral File
Dubois County Abstract File
Depuy File
Em Coots File
Erie Pro Hardware File
E Bierhaus File
Ewbank Land Title File
Eye Associates File
Farmers Mechanics File
Farmers Mutual Grant Blackford File
Farmers Mutual Noble File
Farver Lumber File
Fayette Federal Bank File
Fieber Reilly File
Farmers Mutual File
First National Bank Odon File
First National Bank Trust File
Firs of America Bank File
First National Bank Huntington File
First State Bank Bourbon File
Fisher Bros Paper File
Fitch Denney File
Flint Walling File
Flower Shop File
First Source Bank File
Fort Wayn News File
Frankfort times File
Frederick Sheet metal File
Fruip May Funeral Home File
FW Toenges File
Gill Funeral Home File
Gilsinger Implement File
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