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Author Guidelines for Online Connections

The editors of IHS Press family history publications seek book- and article-length manuscripts on topics such as – but not limited to – name and vital statistics lists or other pertinent data from unpublished source material such as diaries, journals, ledgers, letter collections, and court, government, church, organizational, business and other records.

Prospective authors should be familiar with Online Connections publications before they submit manuscripts or proposals. Book-length manuscripts and article manuscripts submitted for the “Regional Sources and Stories,” “Genealogy Across Indiana” and “Family Records” departments of Online Connections should include transcriptions and/or indexes of unpublished source material. These manuscripts should include introductions that describe the material, the historical background and repository of the source material and a guide describing the means of indexing and/or transcribing the material. Introductions should be no more than one to two pages in length and double spaced.

Transcriptions from original documents should reflect an exact replication of the passages transcribed, including capitalization, spelling, punctuation and grammar that would be considered incorrect in today’s usage.

IHS Press issues a standard contract on acceptance of an article. IHS Press will hold a royalty-free exclusive license to publish the article in Online Connections –which converts to a royalty-free nonexclusive license six months after publication. In the case of book-length publications, IHS Press will own the copyright in material that it finances and/or publishes. IHS Press owns the copyright in Online Connections, but the author owns the copyright in the article and is free to publish the article after it is published in Online Connections. IHS Press is free to publish the article at a future time.

Submission of a manuscript by an author or receipt of a manuscript by IHS Press should not in any way be construed as an obligation by IHS Press to publish a manuscript.

Manuscript Guidelines

The editors of Online Connections seek newly written material. The editors will also respond to proposals submitted with writing samples. Articles and essays should be written in clear and appealing prose that is free of jargon and undefined technical terms. Authors should avoid passive voice, lengthy quotations and one-sentence paragraphs. They should follow the guidelines of The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White and consult the latest editions of the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

Authors should submit two copies of each article or essay on standard 8½-by-11 inch paper, double-spaced throughout, with the author’s name on the title page only. They should document their sources in endnotes. The editors will decide the form and extent of published documentation. A short biographical sketch of the author should also be included.

The editors accept article-length manuscripts via e-mail. Book-length manuscripts should be submitted on paper as stated above.

No illustrative material is required for Online Connections book-length publications and articles.

The editors initially review manuscripts submitted for publication, then send suitable ones to appropriate outside readers for evaluation. The editors make the final decision for or against publishing articles. Authors should allow 90 days or more for the evaluation process.

The editors reserve the right to copyedit accepted manuscripts to conform with the style and usage of Online Connections. The editorial staff checks the sources of articles to ensure accuracy of facts and citations.

Manuscripts for articles will be returned to authors if they are accompanied by a self-addressed envelope stamped with sufficient postage. Manuscripts for book-length publications will be returned upon request.

Address all correspondence to:

M. Teresa Baer
Managing Editor, Family History Publications
Indiana Historical Society Press Eugene and Marilyn Glick
Indiana History Center
450 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3269
(317) 234-0071