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Author Guidelines for Children's Books

IHS Press publishes at least one children’s book per year. The press will consider manuscripts of well-researched nonfiction, particularly biographies, as well as fact-based historical fiction for children that are written in an engaging style with age-appropriate language and subject matter.

The main audiences for IHS Press children’s books are students in grades kindergarten through 12 – and their educators and media specialists – with an emphasis on fourth grade and higher. Book selections for the children’s book publishing program will provide content-rich resources related to Indiana history and the state’s role in national and world events, identifying IHS Press as a reliable provider of excellent Indiana-related social studies literature.

Selections will be made based on the following general criteria: imaginative and engaging content, sound historical research, effective literary style and appropriateness for the audience. Ideally, the book will provide new knowledge about the topic or subject for students, incorporate a variety of primary and secondary sources and support the national and state educational standards for language arts and social studies.

The topics listed below are derived from curriculum standards for language arts and social studies. Manuscripts will be evaluated according to how well they fit within the time periods listed with the topics.

Topics for grades four and five

Indiana Territory, 1770s to 1816; Indiana statehood and development to the 1850s Indiana in the Civil War Era Indiana growth and development, 1880 to 1920 Indiana life, 1920 to the present. Topics with a focus on Indiana and the Midwest may also provide information on: America before and after the arrival of Europeans American Indians and arrival of Europeans to 1770 American colonization and settlement The American Revolution Creation of the United States Constitution and establishment of the Federal Republic, 1783 to 1800s.

Topics for grade eight

The following should be adapted with a focus on Indiana: American Revolution and founding of the United States,1754 to 1801 National Expansion and Reform, 1801 to 1861 Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850 to 1877 Historical Time Period, 1750 to 1877 Topics for high school Early National Development, 1775 to 1877 Development of Industrial United States, 1870 to 1900 Emergence of Modern United States, 1897 to 1920 Modern United States Prosperity and Depression, 1920 to 1940 United States and World War II, 1930 to 1945 Post-War United States, 1945 to 1960 United States in Troubled Times, 1960 to 1980) Contemporary United States, 1980 to present

A contract will be issued to an author on acceptance of a book-length manuscript. The Indiana Historical Society shall own the copyright in books or book-length material that it finances and/or publishes. Submission of a manuscript by an author or receipt of a manuscript by IHS Press should not in any way be construed as an obligation by IHS Press to publish a manuscript.

Address all correspondence to:

M. Teresa Baer Managing Editor,
Family History Publications
Indiana Historical Society Press
Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center
450 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3269
(317) 234-0071