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Author Guidelines

All prospective authors should read the Guidelines for All IHS Press Publications below, then refer to the author guidelines for the category or categories that best suit your work.

Guidelines for All IHS Press Publications

The following policy statement is intended to provide guidelines for potential authors and to set out the criteria used by IHS Press editors.

IHS Press publishes seven to nine new book titles per year, four issues of the popular history magazine Traces, two issues of the family history magazine Connections and two or more installments of articles and/or book-length pieces for Online Connections, published on Web.

A contract is issued to an author on acceptance of a book-length manuscript or article for the magazines or Online Connections. Submission of a manuscript by an author or receipt of a manuscript by IHS Press shall not in any way be construed as an obligation by IHS Press to publish a manuscript.

IHS Press can make no commitment to publish until its editors can examine a completed manuscript with all notes and bibliography. The editors initially review manuscripts submitted for publication, then send suitable ones to appropriate outside readers for evaluation. Authors should allow 90 days or more for the evaluation process. The editors make the final decision for or against publishing a manuscript and reserve the right to edit accepted manuscripts to conform to IHS Press’s style and usage.

Most acceptances are conditional on an author’s revisions. After acceptance, the author is responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce any illustrations and for providing captions and credit lines for them. The author is also responsible for obtaining permission to publish any material copied from the work of another.

The editors expect all manuscripts to be submitted as an electronic Word document. Authors should submit one copy of the manuscript for books and two copies of manuscripts for articles on standard 8 ½-by-11 inch paper, double-spaced throughout, with the author’s name on the title page only. They should follow the guidelines of The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White and consult the latest editions of the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

Authors should insert note numbers in the text, with notes appearing at the end of the complete text, not at the bottom of the page. The endnotes should document the sources on which a manuscript is based. IHS Press’s staff carries out its long-standing tradition of checking text and notes for accuracy of facts and citations in manuscripts accepted for publication. Authors are responsible, however, for their own statements of fact or opinion.

The editors will consider manuscripts submitted by members of the IHS Board of Trustees and the editorial boards of the HIS Press and Family History Publications, but such manuscripts will be treated as those received from any other source and are subject to the criteria and procedures outlined in this policy statement. A trustee may be paid like any other author. An employee of IHS may be paid for a publication that is not written within the scope of his or her employment. A publication written by an employee within the scope of his or her employment by IHS – or written by a nonemployee who is paid by IHS for the creation of the publication – will be considered a work made for hire for which there is no additional compensation. All authors – whether employees or nonemployees – shall sign a contract.

IHS Press does not publish fiction (except for children’s books).

A rejected manuscript will be returned to the author upon request.