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Naturalization Records

Though we don’t hold naturalization records, we do have an index to records prior to 1907 that many researchers find helpful.

IHS published An Index to Naturalization Records ... Prior to 1907 in 1981. It is an index only and serves as a referral guide to records held by the individual courts within Indiana's 92 counties. IHS has neither naturalization records nor immigration and passenger lists in its collection, but we can check the Index and refer you to the appropriate court system (circuit, common pleas, probate or superior) and the county where naturalization records may still reside. We can also provide address and contact information for specific county courthouses in Indiana.

In some cases, the records have been transferred to a central repository for long-term preservation. In Indiana, that agency is:

Indiana State Archives
6440 E. 30th St.
Indianapolis IN 46219 
(317) 591-5222

State Archives Naturalization Database

For more information on naturalization records, immigration records and passenger lists, please contact:

Indiana State Library Genealogy Section
140 N. Senate Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 232-3689