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Alphabetical Index, K to O

Alphabetical index of the Historic Business Register, K through O. To learn more about one of the business listed, click its title.
Kahn Dees Donovan Kahn
Kaisers Tobacco
Kankakee Valley Publishers
Karges Furniture
Keller Crescent
Kelso Law
Kidd Company
Kixmillers Store
Klaehn Fahl Melton
Kokomo Glass
KPC Media Group Inc
Kraft Funeral
Kramer Brothers Lumber
Kunkle of Anderson Greenwood
La Porte Savings
Lake City Bank
Lamb Basham
Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity
Lauck Manufacturing
Laughner Brothers
Lawrenceburg Gas
LDI, Ltd.
Leader Publishing
Lenox Lincoln Mercury
Leon Tailoring Company
Liebhardt Mills
Lincoln Bank
Lindenwood Cemetary
Log Inn
Lutheran Hospital
M Clune Company
M Wolfe Meats
Madison Avenue Flower Shop
Madison Bank Trust
Madison Courier
Magro’s Inc.
Maley Wertz
May Oberfell Lorber
Mc Wheeler
Mccombs Son
Mcdonald IGA
Mcdonald Studio
Mcgann Funeral
Mcnutt Hurt Blue
Medical Protective
Meeks Mortuary
Merchants Bank Rockville
Meshberger Brothers
Meyer Woodworking
Mfb Financial
Mid Southern Bank
Middletown News
Mishawaka Enterprise
Mitchell Fleming
Monroe County Bank
Montgomery Elsner
Morgan Custom Tailors
Morre Miller
Morris Printing
Morsches Builders Mart
Mulls Store
Muncie Office Supply
Nass Funeral Home
Nassau Thompson
Nation City Bank Evansville
National City Bank Southern Indiana
New Albany Box Company
New Albany Laundry
New Albany Ledger
News Printing
Noltes Pharmacy
North Vernon Plain Dealer
Ochs Tetrick Funeral
Od Harris
Olympia Candy Kitchen
Orleans Progress
Otoole Brothers
Ott Haverstock Funeral
Our Community Bank
Our Sunday Visitor