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Marshall County

African American rural settlements documented: 0

No settlements were found in Marshall County.  Federal census data enumerates 1 in 1840, 0 in 1850, 3 in 1860, and 0 persons in 1870. The names, locations, etc. for these numbers are described below. No outstanding repositories of African American heritage in Marshall County were found, likely because of the low census numbers. The Marshall County Historic Crossroads Center has a research library with local history resources. In addition, marriage records and land records are kept in this research library. 

One interesting note is that John, Mary and Zimriah Anderson appear on the 1860 census for Marshall County. Zimriah appears on the 1870 census for Noble County, where his family established a successful business in Kendallville. Local historian, Amanda Blackman has extensively researched the Anderson family, however her notes do not document them living in Marshall County at any point. Evidence points to this being the same family, as the ages recorded in the census data would fit; he is 23 on Marshall County’s Census, and 33 on Kendallville’s census 10 years later.


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By Andrea Sowle, July 24, 2014