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Carroll County

African American rural settlements documented: 0

Although established in 1828, the first blacks did not appear in Carroll County until the 1840 census, when there were 6. By 1850, there were 33 people of color, the majority of which were living in Deer Creek Township. Surnames included Adams, Jones, Chavis, Callaway and Spanger, coming from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Alabama and Virginia. Heller's list of Negro landowners in 1850 shows Carroll County had 3, with real estate valued at $300. By the 1860 census, the black population had declined to just 13. The Beatle/Beetle family from Pennsylvania appears to comprise the county's entire black population that year.  (They would remain in the county until well into the 1900s.)  Although the population had rebounded to 24 by the 1870 census, it would remain sparse in the decades that followed. 


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By Dona Stokes-Lucas, July 18, 2014