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Women’s History, Individual and Family, I-M

INGERSOLL, L. DUNHAM. Papers, 1878, n.d. SC 2423. One folder. Collection guide online. Sue Ingersoll married George McWilliams and lived in Covington, Fountain County. The collection includes two letters written to McWilliams from her brother L. Dunham Ingersoll and an undated handmade Valentine addressed to Miss Mamie McWilliams, Covington.

INGRAM, MARY BETH. Papers, 1990-1991. SC 2420. Nine folders. Collection guide online. Terry and Mary Beth Ingram lived in Indianapolis during the Desert Storm Campaign in Kuwait and Iraq and wrote letters to soldiers serving in the campaign. The correspondence in this collection is primarily that of Mrs. Ingram and provides a picture of life both at the campaign front and at home.

JAMES, ALICE. Letter, 1913. SC 0868. One folder. No collection guide available. The David James family moved to Bloomington, Monroe County, probably from Wabash County about 1913 because of the university. They bought a farm on the outskirts of Bloomington, but moved into town for a few years so they could keep boarders while their children were in school. The letter, dated 11 March 1913, written by Alice James in Bloomington to cousin Susan [Stout Darrah?], includes family news and information on Glenn James, a professor of mathematics at Purdue University.

JAMESON, MARGARET BOOTH. Papers, n.d. SC 1910. Two folders. No collection guide available. The collection contains histories and reminiscences of the Indianapolis Woman’s Club, the Propylaeum, and the Edwin Harlan, Patrick Jameson and Bebee Booth families.

JETT, ALTA M. Collection, 1916-1986. M 0495, BV 2686. Three boxes, One volume. Collection guide online. This collection contains materials from Alta M. Boatwright Jett’s personal life, newspaper clippings, bulletins from Richmond, Wayne County, area churches, and records from two Richmond nursing homes. Black Women in the Middle West Project.

JOHNSON, EDITH CONNELL. Papers, ca. 1930-1950. SC 2292. Three folders. Collection guide in library. Material in this collection, including group photographs of some of her classes, relates to Johnson’s career as a teacher in Indianapolis.

JOHNSON, FRED M. Collection, 1865-1945. P 0306. Nine folders. Collection guide online. The collection includes photographs of two young women, ca. 1920s. The women are believed to be Catherine Johnson Goodin and Phila R. Johnson, daughters of Fred M. Johnson and Phila Parks Johson. One portrait depicts a woman in a “flapper” style dress.

JOHNSTON, GEORGE and WILLIAM. Papers, 1862-1916. M 0518, BV 2512. One box, one volume. Collection guide online. The collection contains correspondence and papers relating to the Civil War, Grand Army of the Republic activities, and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Indianapolis. Included in this collection is a diary of Sarah Alice Holmes.

JONES, MARY. Papers, 1844, 1848. SC 2502. One folder. Collection guide online. Mary Jones lived in Newport, Vermillion County, during the 1840s. The Judah family lived in Vincennes, Knox County. This collection contains two letters to Mary Jones from Caroline Judah (1844) thanking Jones for her hospitality and describing a barn raising; and one from Catharine Judah (1848), which describes local events.

JUDAH-BRANDON FAMILY. Papers, 1820-1950. M 0171, OM 0205. Nine boxes, 2 folders. Collection guide online. Described in Pumroy and Brockman, Guide to Manuscript Collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library, A-210. This collection consists primarily of family correspondence, love letters of John Mantle Judah (1848-1936) to Mary Jameson (1851-1930), correspondence between Judah and his wife while on business trips, and their correspondence with family members from the period 1863 to 1924. Manuscripts of Mary Jameson Judah’s stories and essays and correspondence regarding the publication of her book Down Our Way (1897) are also contained in the collection.

KASER, MARY ETTA RODOCKER. Letters, 1917-1918. SC 0894. One folder. No collection guide available. The collection contains letters of Mary Etta Kaser of Indianapolis to her daughter, Merl (Mrs. Arthur J. Young), of Flat Rock, Shelby County. They reflect financial difficulties of a widow in failing health, who lived in an apartment and had income from rental property.

KEEVER, WINIFRED. Family papers, ca. 1830-1981. M 0729, OM 0386.Five boxes, two oversize folders. Collection guide in library. Winifred (Currier) Keever, wife of Frank Keever, was a resident of Indianapolis and collector of family papers. The collection consists of material relating to the Bloom, Jones, Currier and Keever family, members of which lived in various states, including Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and California. It includes correspondence, diaries, real estate deeds, receipts, genealogical records, military records and financial records. The collection is arranged by family branch and then by type of material.

KELLEY, ELIZABETH H. Collection, 1942-1984. SC 2487. Three folders. Collection guide online. Elizabeth H. Rile Kelley was born in Union County. Kelley and her husband, Harold B., were co-owners with Henry and Mary Ina Bass of the Specialty Record Shop Inc., in Richmond, Wayne County. In addition to writing numerous articles, Kelley organized in 1943 the Readers Expression Guild, a local club for study, self-improvement and self-expression for black women. The collection contains materials relating to Kelley, the Readers Expression Guild and Richmond history.

KETCHAM, JOHN LEWIS. Papers, 1830-1937. M 0173, BV 1035-1046. Three boxes, 12 volumes. Collection guide in library. Described in Pumroy and Brockman, Guide to Manuscript Collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library, A-216. The papers consist primarily of family correspondence, principally from the period 1830-1869. Of special interest is correspondence (1834-1861) of Catharine Merrill (1824-1900) and Ketcham’s correspondence with his wife Jane Merrill Ketcham (1819-1911) while she was working as an army nurse in Gallatin, Tenn., during the Civil War. The collection also includes reminiscences of Jane Merrill Ketcham.

KILLIN, ELIZABETH MADDOX. Papers, 1841-1883. SC 0909. Eleven folders. Collection guide in library. The Killin family lived in Fountain County from 1839 to the 1850s and then in Benton County from the 1850s to the 1880s. The collection includes a diary and reminiscences of Killin (1841-1883) and several family letters from the 1850s to the 1870s.

KOCHEN, BESSIE. Passport, 1911. SC 2460. One folder. Collection guide online. Bessie Kochen, born Bosna Cheina Batchinskaya, came from Russia to the United States in the spring of 1911. The collection contains Kochen’s 1911 Russian passport.

LAFUSE, AGGIE A. Papers, 1853-1870. SC 0948. Five folders. Collection guide online. Described in Pumroy and Brockman, Guide to Manuscript Collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library, A-227. Aggie Lafuse was a resident of Liberty, Union County. The diaries describe everyday life and mention numerous domestic and farming activities typical of the period.

LANGSTON, DILLA. Memoirs, 1924. SC 0989. Two folders. No collection guide available. This collection is a paper written by Dilla Langston of a trip, Aug. 28 through Sept. 2, 1924, taken by 10 women by bus from New Castle, Henry County, to Chicago and by boat to Milwaukee, and their return.

LATTIMORE, MARTHA. Collection, 1880-1907. SC 2489. Two folders. Collection guide online. Martha Mace Lattimore was a resident of Noblesville, Hamilton County. The collection, which pertains to family issues and mentions contemporary race relations, includes correspondence, a mortgage form and a photograph.

LAUGHLIN, CLARA E. Letters, 1898-1903. SC 1777. Three folders. Collection guide in library. Described in Pumroy and Brockman, Guide to Manuscript Collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library, A-233. Clara Elizabeth Laughlin (1873-1941), a Chicago author and editor, was a friend of James Whitcomb Riley and of Riley’s sister Mary Elizabeth Riley Payne (1864-1936) of Indianapolis. This collection contains 22 letters from Clara Laughlin in Chicago to Mary Elizabeth Payne in Indianapolis. They deal with Laughlin’s travels, visits with Riley and other mutual friends, clothing styles and current affairs.

LEONARD, EVALINA M. Letters, 1815, 1818. SC 2562. One folder. Collection guide online. Evalina (Evelyn) Marie Leonard (d. 1833) was born in Middleboro, Mass., the daughter of David Augustus and Mary [Pierce] Leonard. By 1818, the family had moved to Indiana, living in Harrison County, first in Northampton and then in Corydon. It was in Corydon that Leonard met and married (1821) John Hay Farnham (1791-1833). The two letters in this collection were written in 1815 and 1818 by Leonard to her cousin Louisa Bourne in Massachusetts. The 1815 letter was written from Bristol (R.I.?), and describes a summer day. The 1818 letter was written from Northampton and describes the “wild state” of the country.

LEWIS, SAMUEL B. Papers, 1860-1930. M 0331, BV 1856-1859. One box, four volumes. Collection guide in library. Described in Pumroy and Brockman, Guide to Manuscript Collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library, A-235. Lewis (1840-1920) was a physician in Manville and Canaan, Jefferson County. This collection includes applications to the Daughters of the American Revolution for his wife and daughter and bylaws and yearbooks of the Madison, Jefferson County, chapter of the D.A.R. (1911-23).

LIEBER, CHARLOTTE. Diary, 1960-1983. SC 2361. One folder. Collection guide online. Charlotte Lieber, the daughter of Otto Lieber, member of a prominent German-American family in Indianapolis, worked at Family Service Association in Indianapolis. This collection contains pages from a small loose-leaf notebook on which recipes, family illnesses and accounts of trips were recorded.

LIEBER, META. Papers, 1894-1932. M 0183. Two boxes. Collection guide in library. Meta Pantzer Lieber came to Indianapolis after her marriage to Carl H. Lieber of H. Lieber Co., June 5, 1895, and died in 1960. She was active in musical and German groups in the city. The collection includes letters; invitations; poems; and notes (1896-1922); and scrapbooks of programs (1894-1932), concerts, plays and commencements primarily in Indianapolis and including many German organizations.

LOGANSPORT Diaries, 1956-1980. SC 1960. One folder. No collection guide available. The collection consists of 15 small, anonymous diaries recounting the daily activities of a small-town housewife including commentary on local business, events, people and weather.

LONG, JUDITH RIECK. Papers, 1984-1990. M 0739. One box. Collection guide online. Judith Reick Long (1935-1987), an antiquarian book dealer, was educated at Indiana University. She and her husband, John Edgar Long, lived in Marietta, Ga. She authored a biography of Indiana native Gene Stratton-Porter (1863-1924) entitled Gene Stratton-Porter, Novelist and Naturalist, published by the Indiana Historical Society in 1990. This collection consists of papers regarding the completion and publication of Long’s book, including correspondence, auction lists for Long’s collection of Stratton-Porter and other Indiana-related books, and a typescript copy (180 pages) of Long’s work, “Merrily Merrily: The evolution of Gene Stratton-Porter,” which served as a draft for her completed book.

LOVE, GENERAL JOHN. Papers, 1837-1886. M 0653, OM 0320. Three boxes, three folders. Collection guide online. John Love (1820-1881) was born in Virginia and attended West Point (1837-41). In 1849, he married Mary F. Smith (1841-1885), a daughter of Oliver Hampton Smith, a prominent lawyer and Whig politician. The Loves were members of Christ (Episcopal) Church, Indianapolis. While the bulk of this collection relates to the career of General Love, one box is filled with correspondence (1841-1885) of Mary Smith Love. Most of the letters deal with social and family letters. A few letters provide insight on contemporary views of women’s rights and slavery.

LUCAS, ODESSA B. Papers, ca. 1929. SC 0992. One folder. No collection guide available. The collection contains an essay by Odessa Beaman Lucas, Life in Rural Indiana in the Eighteen-Eighties. The essay describes daily life on a farm in Quincy, Owen County, in the 1880s.

LUSE, ELMINA. Papers, ca. 1865. SC 0997. One folder. No collection guide available. The collection includes a series of essays and poems titled The Westland Chronicle, attributed to Elmina (Coffin) Luse of Fairmont, Indiana. The essays discuss topics such as animals in church, the wonders of God and the proper use of human energy. There is also a humorous account of how to cure pigs of lice.

MANSUR, HANNAH. Papers, 1870s-1880s. M 0596. One box. Collection guide online. Hannah Ann Culley Mansur was born in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, around 1819, the daughter of newspaperman David V. Culley. In 1938, the family moved to Indianapolis, and in 1847, she married William Mansur, an Indianapolis businessman. This collection consists of a scrapbook of business and personal name cards from the1870s and 1880s.

MAYBERRY, SUSANAH. Accounts, 1994-1995. SC 2475. Two folders. Collection guide online. Susanah Jameson Mayberry was born in Indianapolis, the daughter of John T. and Florence Jameson and grandniece of author Newton Booth Tarkington. In 1983, she edited letters she had received from Tarkington and published as My Amiable Uncle. This collection includes two accounts written by Mayberry of her experiences during World War II.

MAYE, KATHERINE DAVIS. Collection, 1968-1986. SC 2256. Three folders. Collection guide online. Katherine Davis Maye, an Indianapolis public school teacher, sought to recognize achievements of African American alumni of IPS #87. In 1968, she initiated a Hall of Fame wall. This collection includes photographs, biographical information and news articles related to Hall of Fame inductees.

McCAUGHEY, MARETTA ROBISON. Journal, 1879-1882. SC 1708. Ten folders. No collection guide available. Maretta McCaughey (1852-1907) was the wife of Bruce McCaughey, a farmer near Findlay, Ohio, and Frankfort. The journal covers the first years of marriage and describes her work, social life and attitudes. Poems written by McCaughey are also included in the collection.

McLEAN, CHARLES G. Papers, 1792-1899. M 0196, BV 1599-1602, BV1926-1935, OM 0045. Six boxes, 14 volumes, two folders. Collection guide in library. Described in Pumroy and Brockman, Guide to Manuscript Collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library, A-253. Charles G. McLean was a Presbyterian minister who came to Indianapolis in 1852 and established the Indiana Female Seminary. The collection includes the personal papers, correspondence, notebooks, account books and ephemera of McLean, his mother, Mary McLean, his sister, Florence, his daughters, Margaret and Mary Ann, and his son-in-law, Charles N. Todd. In addition, the collection includes the papers of James Gray, McLean’s stepfather.

McNUTT, LOU S. Papers, 1863. SC 0687. One folder. Collection guide in library. Lou McNutt was a nurse (or volunteer) at Hospital Number Three, Nashville, Tenn., in 1863. This collection contains a letter written by McNutt, Feb. 1, 1863, to Emaline Abbott of Fitchville, Huron County, Ohio, informing Abbott of Abbott’s son’s death.

McPHEETERS FAMILY. Papers, 1940-1952. M 0578. One box. Collection guide online. This collection includes materials relating to the World War II activities of John W. McPheeters (1908-1944) and correspondence (1944-1954) relating to Jeannette Epler McPheeters’s activities and involvement with the Chamber of Commerce.

MEHRLICH, BERTHA. Scrapbooks, ca. 1896-1960. M 0805. Collection guide online. Bertha Mehrlich was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, as Bertha Jasper, the daughter of Ernst and Caroline Jasper. She performed her first piano solo at her local church in 1896. After attending a children’s recital at the Metropolitan School of Music in 1900, she was motivated to take her music seriously and became a student there. In 1902, she began attending the Co-Operative Piano Teachers Association and graduated in 1904. While teaching there she performed for groups and at concerts in Indianapolis. She eventually opened her own studio in 1920. In 1933, she married Dr. John T. Mehrlich. Bertha Mehrlich known to friends as Bertha Jasper continued to play for local churches and other groups in Indianapolis until illness prevented her in 1960. She died in 1962. The collection contains scrapbooks created by Bertha Mehrlich from 1896 to 1960. These were originally bound in 22 loose-leaf binders. The folder headings indicate the numerical order of the scrapbooks and their dates. The focus of the notebooks relates to Mehrlich’s musical interests and includes concert and recital programs, newspaper clippings and commentary by Mehrlich about performances she attended. Also in the collection are letters and cards from friends and family, napkins from celebrations, memorials, postcards and photographs.

MEEKER FAMILY Papers, 1892-1909. M 0571. One box. Collection guide online. The bulk of this collection is composed of letters from Anna Meeker while a student at Union Christian College in Merom, Sullivan County, to her stepmother Mary Virginia Wright Meeker (Jennie) in Stone Bluff, Fountain County (1892-1897). Topics include college life, classes, friends and events at school.

MEREDITH, SOLOMON. Papers, 1833-1898. M 0203, F 0589-0591. Three boxes, three microfilm reels. Collection guide in library. Described in Pumroy and Brockman, Guide to Manuscript Collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library, A-264. Solomon Meredith (1812-75), a Quaker, was a soldier, politician, businessman and farmer of Wayne County. Virginia Claypool Meredith, wife of Solomon Meredith’s son, Henry (1843-1882), was president of the Board of Women Managers for the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Ill. The collection includes materials relating to Virginia Meredith’s involvement with the exposition.

MERRILL, SAMUEL. Papers, 1812-1934. M 0204, OM 0132. Nine boxes, seven folders. Collection guide online. Described in Pumroy and Brockman, Guide to Manuscript Collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library, A-266, A-267. Samuel Merrill (1792-1855) was an Indianapolis businessman, politician and attorney; Indiana state treasurer; president, State Bank of Indiana; and president, Madison and Indianapolis Railroad. The collection includes the letters of Merrill’s wife Jane (1834-48) and daughters, Julia, Mina and Catherine (1855-1908), from the Cleveland, Ohio, Female Seminary, and from Indianapolis and Vermont.

MERRILL-GRAYDON FAMILY. Papers, 1836-1930. M 0609, OM 0272. Four boxes, two folders. Collection guide online. Materials in this collection include correspondence, club papers, official documents, clippings, books and photographs, 1836-1930, relating to the activities of Catharine Merrill (1824-1900), Jane Graydon, Katherine Merrill Graydon and Julia Graydon Jameson. There is also genealogical material on several families including Alexander, Bodine, Dumont, Graydon, McKinney and Merrill.

MILLER, DORCAS. Letter, 1852. SC 1074. One folder. No collection guide available. This collection contains a letter from Dorcas Miller, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, dated 4 April 1852, to Mrs. Dorothy Miller, Brandon, Vt. In it the illness of her husband and her great loneliness at being so far from family and friends is mentioned.

MILLER, MICHAEL H., COLLECTION, 1834-2000. P 0385. Five boxes of black-and-white photographs, six folders of color photographs, one box of oversize negatives, six boxes of manuscripts, five nitrate negatives, five albums, five bound volumes, six oversize folders. Collection guide online. Willis Kise Miller (1867-1955) was the son of David Varner Miller and Verlinda Miller of Clermont. He married Isabelle Aurelia (1872-1965) and the union bore one child, Herschel Miller. Isabelle Aurelia Miller attended New Bethel Girl’s School and Butler University. She was active in club work, particularly the Irvington Tuesday Club, and was a member of the First Baptist Church. The collection includes scrapbooks and notes related to the activities of the Tuesday Club. Other material includes photostats of genealogical records concerning the Miller, and Brendel families, legal documents, business records, photographs, clippings and ephemera. Included are transcripts of letters written by Martha (Varner) Hornaday regarding patent medicines, and the activities of her young son, William Temple Hornady.  Other correspondence includes letters to Lena A. Miller from her brother, George E. Miller.  The photographs in this collection include albums assembled by the Kitley, Moore, Hornaday and Miller families. The images date from the 1860s to the 1930s.

MILLER, VIRGINIA. Letter, 1944-1945. SC 2027. One folder. No collection guide available. The collection consists of one letter written by Miller from the Mariana Islands, between December 1944 and January 1945. It describes Miller’s wedding, her daily activities as a Red Cross worker and camp life.

MONDOR, COLLEEN. USS INDIANAPOLIS CORRESPONDENCE. 1995-1996. M 0782. One manuscript box. Collection guide online. Colleen Mondor was a student at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, in 1996 when she wrote letters to survivors of the USS Indianapolis, a cruiser that was torpedoed between Guam and Layte in 1945. The collection contains letters from 47 of the survivors (or their family members) to Ms. Mondor regarding the ship’s sinking and Captain Charles Butler McVay’s III’s responsibility in the ship’s loss. The letters are generally quite candid and are supportive of their captain’s innocence in the sinking. In a few instances, the survivor had recently died and was answered by his widow. In other cases, the veteran was too ill to respond and his wife or other family member wrote the letters.

MONTGOMERY, ALICE. Diary, 1879-1883. SC 2449. Two folders. Collection guide online. Alice Montgomery was the adopted daughter of John and Julia Ann Montgomery. The family resided in Halbert Township, Martin County, between 1879 and 1882. Alice Montgomery married Charles S. Brown about 1884. Montgomery’s diary describes daily activities on the farm and in nearby churches.

MOORES, JULIA MERRILL. Papers, 1838-1896. M 0213. One box. Collection guide in library. Described in Pumroy and Brockman, Guide to Manuscript Collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library, A-275. Moores was the daughter of Indianapolis banker Samuel Merrill and wife of Indianapolis bookseller Charles W. Moores. The collection consists of Moores’s correspondence, mostly from the period before she was married (1840-1854). Included are letters written by her to her family while she was traveling east with Henry Ward Beecher (1841); teaching school in Bloomington, Monroe County(1844); and visiting family in Waterproof, La. (1845-46).

MORRISON, SARAH PARKE. Autobiography, ca.1919. SC 2143. One folder. No collection guide available. Morrison, daughter of Indiana University Board President John J. Morrison, was the first woman to graduate from Indiana University (1869), completing the four-year course in two years. The collection consists of a typescript of an autobiographical account written by Morrison to her friend, Frances Higgins of Woodlawn, Ohio, and later published in the Indianapolis Star. Morrison describes the various difficulties she encountered as a student and the encouragement she received.

MORRISON, SARAH T. Letter, 1839. SC 1114. One folder. No collection guide available. A letter written by Sarah Morrison from Rising Sun (Dearborn County to 1844 then Ohio County), Ind., dated 24 April 1839, to Miss Mary Carpenter, New Utrecht, Long Island, N.Y.. Religious sentiments, teaching, location of school, number of pupils and subjects taught are all mentioned.

MORROW, ESTELLE. Diary, 1861-1862. SC 1115. Three folders. No collection guide available. Estelle Morrow lived in Piqua and Gambier, Ohio, and taught music in the Lebanon (Indiana) Academy of Music for six months. The diary, dated 16 October 1861 through 31 December 1862, relates information on social life and news of the Civil War.

MORTON, THOMAS J. JR. Papers, 1951-1975. SC 2675. Eight folders. Collection guide online. The majority of this collection consists of correspondence between Indiana artist Marie Goth and Thomas J. Morton, Jr. Goth painted portraits of famous individuals including General Douglas MacArthur, James Whitcomb Riley, and Indiana governor Henry F. Schricker. The letters were written between 1972 and 1975. Other material concerning Goth includes obituary clippings and brochures.

MÜHL, ANITA MARY. Biography, ca. 1999. SC 2674. One folder. Collection guide online. Anita Mary Mühl was born in Indianapolis, Marion County, in 1886.  She graduated from Indiana University in 1920 with her medical degree and received a Ph.D. from George Washington University in 1923. Mühl’s medical career spanned 1920-952. This collection consists of one unpublished biography detailing Mühl’s trailblazing life and adventures in the medical profession by Siegmar Muehl.

MULLEN, GEORGE E. Papers, 1830-1867. SC 2565. Four folders. Collection guide online. The collection consists mostly of correspondence addressed to George E. Mullen, a private in the 54th Ohio Infantry, Company C. The items include letters from his mother, Margaret Mullen, of New Castle.

MUNDELL, KARREN E. Vietnam Correspondence, 1966-1967. M 0700. One box. Collection guide online. Kowalski, born Karen E. Mundell in San Francisco, Calif., and raised in Frankfort, is a nursing administrator and educator, women’s health advocate and author. After graduating from Indiana University in 1965 with a nursing degree, she entered the Army Nurse Corps and served during 1966-1967 at the Biên Hòa Air Base, Vietnam. She also served in Landstuhl, Germany, where she met and married Walter A. Kowalski. She returned to the U.S. in 1969, settling near Denver, Colo. The collection contains approximately 90 letters written by Kowalski in Vietnam to her parents in Frankfort while serving as an intensive care recovery nurse. She describes her activities and those of the hospital and gives her impression of the Vietnamese people, the American soldiers at the air base and the conflict around her.

MYERS, GERALDINE MCFERREN. Collection, ca. 1871-1981. P 0291. Seventeen boxes. Collection guide online. Geraldine Elizabeth McFerren Myers (1904-1983) was born in Hartford City the daughter of a successful grocer. She graduated from Hartford City High School in 1921 and lived with her parents until her marriage to Robert J. Myers in 1933. The union bore one child, Robert Eugene Myers (Bobby) in 1935. The couple separated in 1941 and divorced the following October. Geraldine Myers never remarried, and raised her son in Hartford City, working part-time at the family grocery store. She had a long-term relationship with one man, which she broke off shortly after he moved into her neighborhood. Myers’ brother, Russell McFerren (1901-1967), operated the store after his father’s death. Russell McFerren was married to Minnie Walsmith (1902-1960), a teacher at William Reed School, Hartford City. Minnie McFerren was murdered in her classroom by the school principal. Bobby Myers committed suicide in 1969. The collection is composed of family portraits and snapshots created or collected by three generations of the McFerren family. Geraldine McFerren Myers created most of the images, almost one thousand images of family and friends. The volume of photographs in the collection provide a multitude of subtle details about family interactions and possible rivalries, and, in the case of Bobby, presents possible clues for why he took his own life. Photographs of Geraldine McFerren Myers portray a woman who did not hide her emotions easily. She had an extremely expressive face which, from childhood, did not always smile for the camera.