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Visual Collections, Q-Z

Rasmussen Family. Collection, circa 1904 to circa 1978. P 0024. Approximately 100 black and white and color snapshots and 46 copy negatives, mainly of cottages, summer activities and social life at Lake Maxinkuckee between circa 1904 and circa 1978. Photographs of social activities were copied from Rasmussen family albums and printed on contact sheets. These photographs are identified and show members of the Vonnegut and Schnull families and children of other cottage owners boating and playing tennis. Servants who worked for these families pose for individual snapshots and with their employers. Other photographs on contact sheets include views of Indianapolis residences and parades sponsored by the Indianapolis German community. Interior and exterior views of cottages exist as individual copyprints and are not identified. Unidentified color photographs dating from the late 1970s show children and teenagers water skiing, swimming and sunbathing at Lake Maxinkuckee. The subjects may be members of the Rasmussen family. Manuscript material in this collection consists of a typewritten memoir on family and social life at Lake Maxinkuckee written by Mrs. James Rasmussen in the late 1970s. “Eighteen Ninety Four to Nineteen Ninety Four” contains anecdotes concerning the Schnull and Vonnegut families. Black-and-white photographs are with other collections in one full size document case. Color photographs are in one 5-inch by 7-inch box in the color photographs storage area. Negatives are in two four-inch by five-inch negative storage boxes and one flat storage box.

Redding, T.B. Estate. Collection, 1860s to 1936. P 0187. Eighteen cellulose acetate negatives and one contact sheet made from those negatives. The images are photographs of cabinet cards and other copy photos of: Charles N. Mikels, "The Parlor in New Castle 1885," "Ailsie Mikels with cousin [E. Redding?] 1890," Charles N. Mikels's home in the 1860s, T.B. Redding, the Redding Estate in 1880, the Redding greenhouse, Dr. Paul G. Heineman in 1925, and Ailsie M. Heineman on June 13, 1936.

Reed, Hugh T. Collection. P 0031. Two portraits of Hugh T. Reed.

Riker, Dorothy. Collection, circa 1890. P 0153. One photograph of an unidentified woman, circa 1890. The subject may be Asa Riker or Hannah Armstrong Riker. Dorothy Riker donated the photograph to HIS in 1984. The photograph is stored in an OVB box with other photographs in the oversize storage area.

Robinson, Russell. Collection, circa 1920 to circa 1939. P 0142. Forty-eight copy negatives of friends and relatives of composer Russell Robinson. The items appear to date from the 1920s to the 1930s.

Rhodehamel, Evaline H. Collection, 1902. P 0037. The collection includes one album and two black and white photographs. The album contains six photographs of the laying of the cornerstone at the First Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis in 1902. The photographs show workmen laying the brick and mortar, and dignitaries sitting at the dedication ceremony. One photograph includes John Holliday leaning over the cornerstone. Other photographs in the collection consist of the Jesse Hitz residence at Madison, and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hitz in front of their home. Evaline H. Rhodehamel donated the items to IHS in 1980.

Romanian Baptist Mission. Lantern Slide, circa 1900. P 0245. One lantern slide, circa 1900. The image shows a group of men and one woman assembled around a meeting table.

Rural Indiana Collection, 1917 to 1927. P 0076. Approximately 150 black and white photographs of state parks and rural scenes across Indiana. Most of the photographs are identified and include snapshots of groups walking or relaxing at Clifty Falls and Turkey Run state parks and at The Shades in Montgomery County. Images made in Brown County include portraits of women working on farms and in gardens, street scenes of Nashville and views of the countryside. The photographs were made between 1917 and 1927 and are affixed to album pages. The provenance of the album is not known, but a number of photographs show a man identified as “B. L.” This may be R.P. Luke, Superintendent of State Parks during this period.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Indianapolis. Collection, 1984 (circa 1925). P 0139. Twelve black and white copyprints of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Indianapolis, circa 1925. The items were copied at the Indiana Historical Society from original photographs loaned by Allan Goebes in 1984. The images include interior views of the church, a procession and people gathered around a church bell.

Salzarulo, Louis. Collection, circa 1982 (circa 1933 to circa 1950). P 0092. Four photographs copied from the Salzarulo family album, circa 1982.The images mainly concern Maj. Raymond Salzarulo, Louis’s son, who was killed in the Battle of Midway. The Salzarulo family traveled to Bisaccia, Italy, to dedicate a bell in Raymonds’ honor. The photographs date from circa 1933 to circa 1950.

Saucerman, Joe. Collection, circa 1890s. P 0081. Five black and white photographs including one portrait of Ellen Saucerman (n.d.) and one of her niece, Ella Chaney, dated Oct. 12, 1897. There are two photographs of a house and one of a barn in Bono Township in Lawrence County. The house was built circa 1860 by Martin Miller. The collection was loaned by Joe Saucerman on Dec. 3, 1979.

Saunders, Lucretia. Collection, circa 1905 to circa 1910. P 0077. One album, 26 loose black and white photographs and 19 cellulose acetate negatives. The album contains snapshots of the Lucretia Saunders family; friends from the Indianapolis German community, including the Anton Scherrer family; activity at the Indianapolis Gun Club; and vacations at various locations in the United States. The photographs appear to have been made between 1905 and 1910. The loose photographs are copyprints that depict rural scenes, including people working on farms. The loose photographs are stored with other collections in one full size document case. The album is stored in a flat storage box in the album storage area.

Scoville, Dr. Charles Reign. Collection. P 0034. The collection contains five portraits of evangelist Rev. Dr. Charles Reign Scoville and his wife, Arlene Dux Scoville. The photographs were made by Hostetler & Colville of Des Moines, Iowa, and Hartsook of Indianapolis. The collection is stored in one folder with other collections in a full size document case, and in one OVA flat storage box.

Taflinger, Elmer. Collection, circa 1900 to circa 1910. P 0152. Three black and white photographs of interurbans owned by or leased to the Indianapolis Street Railway Company, circa 1900 to circa 1910. The images show conductors and passengers posed on cars stopped at locations in Indianapolis.

Taylor, Robert. Collection, circa 1919 to 1927. P 0035. Eight black and white photographs of the Louis Hyder family and family businesses dating from circa 1919 to 1927. Louis and his brother John Hyder family owned a grocery and butcher shop, and an ice cream cone factory in Indianapolis. The images are copyprints and were donated to IHS by Bob Taylor.

Tell City, Indiana. Collection, circa 1910. P 0175. Twelve photographs, including eight prints and four cellulose acetate negatives. The images depict social, economic and community life in Tell City, circa 1910. The bulk of the collection consists of an index to negatives that were associated with this collection.

Terre Haute Churches Collection, n.d. P 0250. Sixty-one photocopied images of Terre Haute Churches.

Thompson, Beulah. Collection, circa 1983 (circa 1903 to 1953). P 0186. Twenty-nine cellulose acetate negatives and four black and white prints. The negatives were made circa 1983, when Beulah Adamson (nee Thompson) donated family photographs to IHS. The negatives appear to be scenes from the donor’s childhood and young adulthood in Adams County. The prints include portraits of students at the Kern School (1903); Williams Common School Class of 1911; Williams High School (1914 to 1915); students at State Normal College, Danville; Home Economics students at Purdue (1917); and members of the Williams Grange (1953). The collection is stored in one full size document storage case, in one OVA size flat storage box, and in one OVB size flat storage box in the oversize storage area.

U.S. Center of Population. Collection, circa 1981. P 0089. Twelve photographs of stone markers in Monroe County that designate the world’s “center of population.” The photographs were made circa 1981.

Union Station Collection, 1919 to 1920. P 0157. Six black and white photographs of the exterior of Union Station and commercial activity on Illinois Street. The images show delivery wagons, pedestrians and a street railway car. Forrest Marsh of the Bass Photo Co. made the items in late 1919 and early 1920.

White, Otto. Collection, circa 1920s, circa 1940s. P 0188. One original print made from a 5-inch by 7-inch paper negative and four other 5-inch by 7-inch images on three 8-inch by 10-inch sheets. The mounted original image shows a train in Railroad Plaza looking southeast circa 1924. There is an image of a car parked by Baltimore & Ohio railcars with a banner on one of them and men looking out the windows, circa 1920s. On one sheet there are two images of the same street from different viewpoints. One shows the North Vernon Café with Chas. Schierling's bakery and a bar at a distance; the other shows a train on tracks by Chas. Schierling's bakery and the bar, circa 1920s. The other image shows a classroom of girls and their teacher knitting, circa 1940s.

Whitsett, R. B. Collection, 1951. P 0185. Eleven prints and 11 cellulose acetate negatives of Wabash River Landscapes by Indiana artist George Winter. R.B. Whitsett of Logansport made the photographs from original drawings in 1951. Whitsett also made a map in colored pencil that shows the location of each scene along the Wabash River. The collection is stored in one full size document case, and in one OVA size flat storage box in the graphics storage area.

Willoughby Office Building Collection, circa 1888 to circa 1890. P 0189. One drawing of downtown Indianapolis and one lithograph of the State House, circa 1888. The drawing shows Monument Circle; the Indiana State House; the English Residence, Hotel and Opera House; and Christ Church. A pamphlet advertising the Willoughby Office Building (circa 1890) describes the interior of the building and amenities offered to prospective tenants. The collection is stored in one OVA size flat storage box in the graphics storage area.

Wilson, Paul. Photographs, circa 1980. P 0071. Sixteen photographs, including four color prints and 12 color negatives. The prints are aerial photographs of Indianapolis made circa 1980. The negatives show a scene in a wooded area in which people in late 19th costume appear to be confronting a young man.

Zobbe, Susan L. Collection, circa 1910. P 0055. Approximately 15 black and white photographs of business and family life in the German community of southern Indianapolis, circa 1910. The images include an exterior view of the Yorger Butcher Shop, and portraits of a large group of hunters displaying a large kill of rabbits. A clipping associated with the hunting photographs explains the context and subject of the images. There are also portraits of girls from the Yorger and Effey families.