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Visual Collections, J-P

J.D. Adams Company. Collection, circa 1915 to circa 1930. P 0146. Thiry-five cellulose acetate negatives and one corresponding contact sheet. The images were made circa 1915 to circa 1930 and show farm equipment and a farm equipment factory.

John Herron Art Institute. Photographs, circa 1920s. P 0138. Eleven black and white photographs of the interior and one photograph of the exterior of the John Herron Art Institute, circa 1920s. The interior photographs show exhibits and architectural features.

Jones, Darryl. Collection, circa 1980. P 0184. Five black and white photographs of Monument Circle and downtown Indianapolis. The photographs were made circa 1980.

Joseville. Collection, circa 1920s. P 0267. Sixty-five black and white photographs of social and family life in the Southside German Community of Indianapolis, circa 1920s. Robert Rhodehamel loaned the original photographs to IHS for copying in 1985.

Karrasch, Fred. Slides, circa 1980. P 0222. Approximately 125 color slides of artisans and other workers restoring fountains and stonework in the Woodruff Place area of Indianapolis. The photographs were made circa 1980. The collection is stored in the slide storage area.

Keystone View Company. Lantern Slides, circa 1900. P 0166. Three lantern slides made by the Keystone View Company of Meadville, Pa., circa 1900. The images depict people harvesting corn and pumpkins, and a man driving a team of draft horses. The photograph of the draft horses may have been made in Lafayette. The Buffalo Historical Society donated the items to IHS in 1959.

Lane, Betty. Collection, 1968 to circa 1984. P 0219. Two hundred twenty black and white prints, 170 cellulose acetate negatives, and three mechanically reproduced color postcards of residences and businesses across Indiana. Freelance writer Betty Lane made the photographs between 1968 and circa 1984 to illustrate articles published in various magazines. The images include Indianapolis residences and schools, with an emphasis on doorways, inscriptions and other architectural features. Manuscript material consists of drafts of articles on Milford (Decatur County), Lockerbie Square and the West Baden Springs Hotel.

Lieber Family. Photographs, circa 1857 to circa 1944. P 0268. Approximately 214 black and white photographs including cabinet cards, cartes de visite, family and other group portraits, scrapbook pages, and loose snapshots. The subjects include Herman Lieber Sr., a founder and president of the board of directors of the Athenaeum; the Leiber family; a family vacation to Washington, D.C.; and scenes of Indianapolis. The photographs were made circa 1857 to circa 1944. Individuals identified include Carl Lieber, Herman Lieber, Hilda Lieber, Lili Lieber Hofman (or Hoffman), Marianne Metzger Lieber, Meta Pantzer Lieber, Otto Lieber, Robert Lieber, George Gaul, Herman W. Kothe, Theo. Stempfel, Eugenie Roenitz and Billy Hofman. The Indianapolis street scenes include a street railway strike in 1892; President Grover Cleveland in Indianapolis on Oct. 1, 1887; President Theodore Roosevelt in Indianapolis in 1907 with James Whitcomb Riley visible beside podium; the flood of 1913; and Stella Nicholson, May Queen of 1913. There is a postcard postmarked 1924 of Maj. Ed Jackson, the Republican nominee for governor, with his family. Scrapbook pages contain photos of family outings and scenes of Clifty Falls, Fort Harrison, the Armory grounds, interiors of 226 E. Vermont St., the Emrichsville Bridge, State Fair grounds, White City, Riverside Park, Spades Park, Eldorado Springs, Lake Winona, Fall Creek, and a group at Germania Park "during the great German Musical Festival called 'The Saengerfest'." There is also a photo of William E. Morgan, "Land of Nod Company." There is a hand colored photo of Blue River.

Lucinda, Lulu. Collection, 1982 (circa 1920 to circa 1925). P 0099. Thirty cellulose acetate negatives of nurses and nursing students at City (now Wishard) Hospital, circa 1920 to circa 1925. The photographs include portraits of Lulu Lucinda (1880 to 1974), a nurse at City Hospital. Rachel Jenkins of Greentown loaned the original photographs to IHS for copying in 1982.

Macedonian Community, Indianapolis. Collection, circa 1920 to 1937. P 0093. Three black and white photographs of social and political activities in the Macedonian community of Indianapolis. The images include portraits of actors in a stage production, a Macedonian convention and members of a Macedonia political organization. The photographs were made between circa 1920 and 1937.

Marien, Dorothy Adolay. Collection, circa 1920 to 1936. P 0086. Seven black and white photographs made between circa 1920 and 1936. The images include scenes of a 1936 flood in Spencer County and children walking in a Confirmation Parade.

Masten, Ruth. Collection, circa 1910. P 0085. Six cellulose acetate copy negatives of the Raffensperger home, family and business. The original images were made circa 1910. The items were copied in 1982 by IHS from a collection owned by Ruth Masten.

McCarter, M.D. Collection, circa 1910 to circa 1950. P 0147. Twenty-five black and white photographs of street railways operating in Indiana and Michigan circa 1910 to circa 1950. The items were donated to IHS by M.D. McCarter in 1984.

McCord, C.E./Fuqua, Lester. Collection, circa 1910 to circa 1915. P 0105. Approximately 200 photographs, consisting of 156 glass plate negatives, 98 cellulose nitrate negatives and approximately 50 black and white prints. The images are largely street scenes of Fortville and views of Hancock County. C.E. McCord, a Fortville physician, made the photographs between circa 1910 and circa 1915. Nonphotographic material consists of 49 photocopies of photographs not represented in the collection. Lester Fuqua of Fortville donated the photographs to IHS in 1984. Stored with other collections in one full size document case, and in the glass negative storage area.

Michigan City Life Saving Station. Collection, 1893 to circa 1900. P 0190. Nine black and white photographs of life saving crews and facilities at the Michigan City Life Saving Station. One image is a photograph of a drawing of the abandoned wreck of the steamer F.W. Wheeler stranded near Michigan City on Dec. 3, 1893. The images are copy prints of photographs made in the 1890s and circa 1900.

Miles Company. Collection, 1982 to 1983. P 0163. Five black and white photographs from the Miles Company (publisher of The Evening World and The Bloomfield News). Two images are aerial photos by Chaz Osburn in 1983: the town of Bloomfield and the Greene County viaduct. There is a 1982 photo by Mark A. Davis of the Greene County viaduct. There are two photos by Jeff Vandeventer: one of Greene County's only covered bridge in 1983 and one of a branch of the state's largest sycamore preserved in Worthington Park, n.p.

Miller, Herschel E. Collection, circa 1880 to 1915. P 0246. Thirty-four black  and white portraits, including 26 cabinet cards, four black and white prints and three cartes de visite. The Miller, Moore, and Sample families of Kendallville and Indianapolis are the principal subjects of the photographs. Images include Belle Moore Miller as a student at Butler University (Class of 1894), Herschel E. Miller as a baby and child, and portraits of W.K. (Willis) Miller. Miller was president of the Indiana Real Estate Rental Board. The photographs date from circa 1880 to 1915. The collection is stored with other collections in one full size document case, and in one OVA size flat storage box in the oversize storage area.

Miller, Ida Mae Good. Collection, circa 1905 to circa 1915. P 0078. Fifty photographs, including 46 cellulose acetate negatives and four prints. Contact sheets made from the negatives reveal images of an unidentified family at a rural home, possibly in Plainfield. One print is a group portrait of the Indiana Central Basketball Team. Printed material in this collection consists of 10 pages photocopied from a family album. The collection appears to date from circa 1905 to circa 1915.

Miser, William. Collection, circa 1915 to 1938. P 0082. Six black and white photographs from the William Miser family of Indianapolis dating from circa 1915 to 1938. The images include two postcards of Miser and an unidentified friend and a portrait of George K. Miser. William Miser was a projectionist at the Park Theatre in Indianapolis.

Mitchell, Indiana Collection, circa 1900 to circa 1910. P 0084. Nine views of buildings in Mitchell made between circa 1900 and circa 1910.

Montezuma, Indiana, Collection, circa 1900 circa 1990. P 0030. Twenty-six black and white photographs, 26 glass negatives and nine color photographs of street scenes, buildings and groups in Montezuma. The black and white photographs were made from the glass negatives in circa 1990. The glass negatives were made circa 1900. Arthur Powell of Montezuma made color photographs of Montezuma street scenes in 1983 in an attempt to duplicate views shown in the glass negatives. Group portraits of Montezuma residents are unidentified and include schoolchildren, youths gathered on a street corner, a baseball team and factory workers. Powell donated the photographs to IHS in 1983.

Morrison, Sarah Parke. Collection, circa 1911, circa 1917. P 0168. One postcard portrait of Sarah Parke Morrison, circa 1917, and one mechanically reproduced postcard of Knightstown High School, circa 1911.

Murello, Tony. Collection, circa 1930 to circa 1960. P 0215. Eight black and white copy photographs of the Tony Murello Market in Anderson. The bulk of the collection consists of seven copy negatives of the Murello Market, circa 1930 to circa 1960.

Nagley, Lester C. Collection, circa 1915 to circa 1920. P 0045. Fifteen black and white photographs believed to have been collected or made by Lester C. Nagley between circa 1915 and circa 1920. Most of the photographs show street scenes of Indianapolis, including roof construction to the east end of Union Station. Other images show mourners filing past James Whitcomb Riley’s coffin in 1916 and the grave and family home of Riley’s ancestor Isaac Wilson.

Nerman, Gustav. House photograph, circa 1895. P 0249. One black and white photograph of the Gustav Nerman House, 1220 E. St. Clair St. in Indianapolis. The photograph was made circa 1895.

New, Jack. Collection, circa 1900 to circa 1930. P 0155. Fifteen photographs, mostly postcards, of Greenfield, Covington and Richmond. Jack New donated the collection to IHS in 1985. The images include Greenfield families and “Little Orphan Annie” standing beside the James Whitcomb Riley home in 1922. The collection dates from circa 1900 to circa 1930. The photographs are stored with other collections in one document storage case, and in one OVB flat storage box in the oversize storage area.

Norman, Martha Hawkins. Collection, circa 1880 to circa 1900, 1962. P 0064. Nine black and white photographs, 10 color photographs and 10 color negatives. The images include portraits of the Stoddard and Hawkins families of New Harmony and views of New Harmony. The portraits were made circa 1880 to circa 1900 and include 1 tintype. Martha Hawkins Norman (Mrs. Olin B. Norman) made the color photographs in 1962 and donated the collection to IHS in three accessions between 1972 and 1985.

Patterson, Martin J. Collection, 1913. P 0046. Twenty-nine black and white photographs made mostly in Martin County, specifically Shoals. The images include street scenes of Shoals, the 1913 Indiana Flood and views of a train wreck. Other photographs include a portrait of Civil War veterans at a reunion of the 123rd Indiana Volunteers at Greensburg, Decatur County, in 1913.

Pendergast, A.W. Collection, circa 1938. P 0021. Three photographs made by A.W. Pendergast of Fairby, Illinois, circa 1938. The images show beaded blankets and cigar store Indians on display. The photographs appear to have been sent with a letter and personal business card to Eli Lilly in 1938.

Perry, Edith. Collection, 1919. P 0162. One scrapbook created for Class Day, 1919, at Charles E. Emmrich Manual Training School in Indianapolis. The book includes identified snapshots of teachers and male students, cabinet cards of young women, and autographs, poems and sketches. A poem written by Lester C. Nagely (See P 0045) is enclosed as a clipping.

Premier Auto Company. Collection, circa 1982 (circa 1900 to circa 1910). P 0087. Two contact sheets made from albums belonging to the Fink family of Fairmount. The images include portraits of family members and a view of William “Billy” Fink’s machine shop. “Billy” Fink designed and possibly drove an early automobile and invented a pump used in the gas fields at Grant County. Manuscript material in the collection consists of a letter that discusses Fink’s inventions. The collection was copied at IHS circa 1982 and the original photographs were made circa 1900 to circa 1910.