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Visual Collections, G-I

Giosco, John. Collection, 1919 to circa 1943. P 0058. Approximately 25 black and white prints, 145 cellulose acetate negatives and five contact sheets. The images document the life of Ferdinand Gioscio from early childhood to middle age and show examples of his ornamental iron work at locations in Indianapolis. A small number of photographs show Gioscio at work in his studio. The contact sheets were made from the negatives in the collection, and include images made from snapshots of the Gioscio family. The collection spans the years 1919 to circa 1943.

Gordon, W.H. Collection, 1920. P 0117. One portrait of the W.H. Gordon family and a copy of the Gordon–Houser genealogy. The family portrait was taken on Sept. 12, 1920 on the occasion of Serilda Hobbs Houser Gordon's 85th birthday.

Gould, George. Collection, circa 1961. P 0161. Two cellulose acetate negatives of Adams Mill and Carroll County, and a black and white print of the George Rogers Clark Memorial in Vincennes. The photographs were made circa 1961.

Grinslade, Samuel M. Collection, circa 1890. P 0074. One black and white photograph of Samuel M. Grinslade (born March 11, 1856) posed with a survey crew. Grinslade surveyed the Monon Railway line across Indiana. This photograph was made circa 1890.

Guthrie, James. Collection, 1971. P 0036. Thirteen black and white photographs, largely of interior and exterior photographs of the West Baden Springs Hotel and Northwood Institute in West Baden, Orange County. Other images include a statue of Abraham Lincoln at the State Office Building in Indianapolis and a Catholic church at Jasper. James Guthrie made the photographs in this collection in 1971.

Hall Grade School. Collection, 1955 to 1959. P 0125. Twenty-four black and white group photographs of pupils at the Hall Grade School, Morgan County, from 1955 to 1959. The photographs are unidentified class portraits of children in grades one through six and their teachers. In small spiral bound albums in one folder.

Hall, Samuel. Collection, n.d. P 0137. One black and white photograph of a drawing of Judge Daniel Hall.

Hardman, Edith Davis. Collection, circa 1880 to 1950. P 0056. Approximately 200 snapshots and portraits of the William and Edith Davis Hardman family of Livonia. The photographs document the home life of the couple from the time of their marriage in about 1880 until late 1920s. Interior photographs show William and Edith dining with friends and relaxing. A small number of images show Edith and hired help working on the farm at Livonia. (Livonia is a small community near Salem, in Washington County.) Studio portraits include images of William Hardman’s mother, Mrs. Leonard Hardman, of Campbellsburg. A small number of snapshots show Professor William Hardman and Edith at a residence in Vincennes. Nonphotographic material in the collection consists of a handwritten book of poetry by Edith Hardman, and two copies of the Brooks and Metcalf & Co. Almanac for 1949 and 1950.

Harrison, Neva Hellen. Collection, circa 1876 1890. P 0026. The collection contains seven cartes de visite, three cabinet cards, and one hand colored portrait of individuals believed to be friends and relatives of Neva Helen Warren (Tuelle) Harrison. The photographs were made at studios in Indianapolis, Terre Haute, New Albany and Jeffersonville, between circa 1876 and circa 1890. An annotation on the verso of one carte de visite indicates that the collection may have been removed from an album. Elizabeth Hayward donated the items to IHS in 1961.

Haughville, Indiana. Collection, circa 1915 to 1980. P 0069. Approximately 200 photographs, including 129 black and white prints, 72 cellulose acetate negatives, two color prints and two postcards of street scenes, community and family life in the Haughville neighborhood of Indianapolis. The photographs were made between circa 1915 and 1980, and may have been compiled from a number of sources. Most images are snapshots of daily life in the Slovenian community and portraits of local citizens. Priests and shopkeepers pose for informal portraits, children and families watch parades, and the community gathers at the Holy Trinity Church for funerals and confirmations. Staged photographs by the Bass Photo Co. show children reading at the Indianapolis Public Library, Haughville Branch. One photograph is a panoramic view of the railway yards. Color snapshots made after 1950 show children involved in activities at Christamore House. Dan Kiernan, a former IHS photographer, documented his family’s former neighborhood in 1980. Those street scenes are part of this collection, as are coffin photographs from Kiernan family funerals of the 1920s and 1930s. Stored in one full size document case, in one OVB size flat storage box in the oversize storage area, and in the Cirkut photograph storage area.

Herron Lantern Slide Photocopies. Collection, circa 1930s. P 0116. Approximately 600 photocopied images of residences and public buildings in Indiana, including the John Herron Art Institute. The original photographs were made on glass lantern slides, circa 1930s.

Hoelker, Florentine. Collection, circa 1900 to circa 1910. P 0224. Sixty-five black and white photographs consisting of 130 glass plate negatives and 32 prints made from those negatives. The photographs concern secular and religious life in Oldenburg. Views of the town include the Chapel of the Sisters of St. Francis and Holy Family Roman Catholic Church. Unidentified portraits show priests standing with groups of children and young adults, possibly at church picnics. Other group photographs include families on outings and posed in front of homes. Names in this collection include Mary Alice Hoelker Becker, Jacob Eckel, Maria Eckel, Rev. Fr. David Kersting, Cora Blank, Emma Blank, George Blank, Joseph Blank, Leonard Blank, Rose Blank and the Sellmeyer family. Florentine Hoelker made the photographs circa 1900 to circa 1910. Bill Selm, Hoelker’s grandson, donated the items to IHS in 1987, but also the IHS Annual Report of 1986-87 states that the collection was purchased from the heirs of Gilbert Munchel of Oldenburg.

Holy Trinity Church. Collection, 1939 to 1960. P 0088. Twenty four photographs of social and religious activities at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 2618 W. St. Clair St., Indianapolis. The photographs were made between 1939 and 1960 and include portraits of women’s groups, Sunday School classes and banquets.

Howe, James. Collection, 1893 to 1896. P 0032. The collection contains nine cabinet cards of the members of the James Howe family and residents of Newbern. Most of the photographs were made in Columbus, Indiana, at Ferguson’s Ground Floor Gallery between 1893 and 1896.

Hunter, Charles. Collection, 1983 (circa 1891). P 0094. Five cellulose acetate negatives and two copy prints of portraits of Gov. Ira J. Chase and Sen. Joseph Ewing of Indiana made from items loaned to IHS by Charles H. Hunter in 1983. The original images were made circa 1891.

Indiana Department of Conservation Collection, 1900 to 1930. P 0043. Approximately 200 black and white photographs of natural features in Indiana State Parks. The sites include McCormick’s Creek State Park, Dunes State Park, Clifty Falls State Park and Pokagon State Park. Most photographs appear to have been made between 1900 and 1930. A small number of photographs were made by H.M. Flora of Indianapolis. One folder contains copy photographs of Dunes State Park.

Indiana State Parks. Collection, 1918, n.d. P 0121. Twenty-three black and white snapshots of landscapes and structures in Turkey Run, Clifty Falls, McCormick’s Creek and Spring Mill parks. Two of the photographs are dated 1918.

Indiana Transportation Museum. Collection, circa 1913. P 0198. One black and white photograph of an interurban track on College Avenue, Indianapolis, circa 1913. The photograph is stored with other collections in one OVA flat storage box in the oversize storage area.

Indianapolis Indians, Inc. Collection, circa 1974. P 0103. Eleven black and white and three color photographs of members of the Indianapolis Indians baseball team, circa 1974. The photographs appear to have been made for publicity purposes and include 11 individual portraits, including Joaquin Andujar and Ken Griffey, and two team photographs. The collection also contains one publicity photograph of professional wrestler Dick the Bruiser.

Irvington, Indiana. Collection, circa 1985. P 0204. Twenty-one cellulose acetate negatives and one contact sheet made from those negatives. The images are group portraits of unidentified families and schoolchildren. The photographs were copied from items in the Irvington Historical Society Collection, circa 1985.

Italian American Collection, circa 1915 to circa 1980. P 0090. Thirty-four photographs, including 19 prints, 13 color slides and two black and white slides. The images document business and religious activity in Indiana’s Italian community between circa 1919 and circa 1980. The prints show Italian grocery stores on unidentified streets and in the Indianapolis City Market. These photographs, and portraits of clerics such as Father Antonio Petrill and Monsignor Priori, date from circa 1915 to circa 1930. The color slides document the interior and windows of St. Joseph’s Church at North and College streets, Indianapolis. The slides were made circa 1980. Stored with other collections in one full size document case, and in the slide storage area.