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Visual Collections, A-F

American Settlement. Collection, circa 1900. P 0151. One photograph of a woman working at a stove, circa 1900.

Bailey, Edith. Photographs, circa 1900 to circa 1908. P 0033. Twelve cabinet cards, one mounted portrait and one postcard. Unidentified young men, either friends or relatives of Edith Bailey, are the principal subjects of the cabinet cards. Edith Bailey is identified as the subject of the mounted portrait. The postcard shows the Grand Officers of the Order of the Eastern Star. The collection dates from circa 1900 to circa 1908.

Black History Exhibit. Photographs, 1981. P 0109. Forty-two color slides, four black and white prints, and one black and white negative. The slides were made in 1981 for a black history exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and include portraits of entertainers and lecturers. The prints include an image of the 1906 ABC baseball team. This item was photographed from a newspaper image that appeared in the Indianapolis Recorder in 1906. The negative shows the congregation of the Bethel A.M.E. Church posed for a group portrait in 1919.

Brown County Collection, circa 1900 to circa 1940. P 0065. Approximately 40 glass plate negatives, 21 lantern slides and three snapshots. The glass plate negatives and snapshots are studio and candid photographs of unidentified men and women. The lantern slides show landscapes and rural scenes such as children swimming and women gardening. The photographs were made in Brown County and Indianapolis between circa 1900 and circa 1940.

Brown, Charles. Collection, 1986 (circa 1865). P 0098. One black and white portrait of Orange (Dick) Brown and one contact sheet with eight images of Civil War Soldiers. Brown was a member of the 66th Indiana Regiment, Company A, during the Civil War. The original photographs were made circa 1865. Charles Brown loaned the original items to IHS for copying in 1986. Manuscript material in this collection consists of Attkisson family genealogy and a photocopy of Horace Newland Attkisson’s Civil War discharge papers.

Butts, Nathan T. Photographs, 1872 to 1873. P 0128. Sixteen cartes de visite of members of the 1872 to 1873 House of Representatives. Most photographs are identified, and were made in Indiana by the following photographers: L.D. Judkin’s Art Chambers, and P. Perry Elliot of Indianapolis; W.D. Cornell of Ligonier; G. Whipple of Crown Point; and Swain and Mote of Richmond.

Calfouros, Carl. Photographs, circa 1893 to circa 1930. P 0059. Thirty black and white photographs of Greek families and businesses in Indianapolis between circa 1893 and circa 1930. Interior and exterior photographs show the Pantellis L. Cafouros family at their business, the Paradise Devil’s Cafe. There are also a large number of snapshots and studio portraits of Cafouros and his family. The Cafouros family also stands with members of a congregation in front of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 213 W. St., circa 1925. The collection also includes a small number of snapshots of soldiers leaving for World War I. The collection is stored in one full size document case, one OVA size flat storage box and one OVB size flat storage box.

Central Avenue M.E. Church. Photographs, circa 1880 to 1946. P 0133. Approximately 300 loose photographs and approximately 200 black and white photographs contained in two albums. The loose photographs consist of snapshots, cabinet cards, postcards, tintypes, cartes de visite and stereographic cards. These items date from circa 1880 to 1946 and include scenes of Indianapolis, Nashville, Battleground and Shades. The stereographic cards show views of Tennessee including the Chattanooga Battlefield. One album contains approximately 50 black and white snapshots of members of the Fry Rhue family, including Ward Fry, a World War I soldier. The other album contains snapshots of an unidentified family, views of Battleground, and photographs of churches. Two photographs may show the Central M.E. Church, but these items are not identified. The photographs in the albums were made between circa 1900 and circa 1919. A series of loose postcards addressed to Bert Kilbourne of Indianapolis from Meribah Chamberlin, and the existence of a number of cabinet cards bearing the surname “Chamberlin” suggests that the Chamberlin and Kilbourne families may have been responsible for some part of the collection. The Fry Rhue family may have made one album, as two photographs refer to Perry Fry Rhue as “Dad.” The genealogical connection between the Fry Rhue, Chamberlin and Kilbourne families is not known. The collection is stored in two upright document cases and in one OVA storage box in the oversize storage area.

Charlton School. Collection, 1910 to circa 1930. P 0104. Twenty-seven black and white prints and 18 glass plate negatives. The images are exterior views of the Charlton School made between 1910 and circa 1930. Stored with other collections in one full size document case, and in the glass plate negative storage area.

Crank, Mary. Photographs, circa 1890 to 1919. P 0205. Forty-three black and white portraits, primarily individuals from locations across Indiana. The photographs are identified and include members of the Rock, Johnson, Evans and Parish families of Shelbyville; the Boats family of Greenfield; the Zikes of Sullivan and Morristown; and the Linville, Faurst and Carpenter families of New Castle. Members of the Parish and Rock families are identified on a number of photographs, including three images of classrooms, circa 1914. The photographs date from circa 1890 to 1919, and the formats include cabinet cards, postcards and snapshots. Mary Crank found the photographs in an attic at 241 S. West St., and donated the items to IHS in 1985.

Delaware County. Collection, circa 1920s. P 0025. Ten photographs, mainly of residences in Delaware County. These homes are rough hewn cabins belonging to the Brady, Brandt and Zehner families. Other images include a man and child posed beside an ox drawn caravan and an example of one of the first street railway cars used in Muncie. Manuscript and printed material consists of an article about a toll house in Delaware County and a clipping on the construction of a railway by the Muncie City Railway Company. The photographs date from circa 1920s and were donated by E.S. Wierbach to IHS in 1944.

Elder, Mrs. B. Collection, 1890 to 1930. P 0039. Three black and white prints and four cellulose acetate negatives of residences in Indianapolis. The William Elder homes at 1229 and 1239 N. Delaware St. and the Carey Lilly home are identified. Most photographs are copies of items made between 1890 and 1930. The photographs are stored with other collections in one full size document case, and in an OVB box in the oversize storage area.

Flack, Ruth. Collection, circa 1920 to circa 1930. P 0253. Eight black and white snapshots of the Flack family in Carlisle and one photograph of students of the Moler Barber College. The subjects of the photographs are identified and include Ruth Avis Flack McKnight Wise, Elva Flack, William Henry Flack and Gilbert Hume. The photographs date from circa 1920 to circa 1930.