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Peoples of the British Isles


ARNOLD FAMILY. Notebook, 1802-1815. M 0007. Photocopies. One box, one microfilm. Collection guide in library. John Arnold came from the Isle of Wight. Contains notations from gazetteers on what to take to America and good places to settle.

BARKER, JOHN. Family papers, 1856-1864. SC 2385. Photocopy. two folders. Collection guide online. Barker was a native of Lincolnshire, England, and moved to the United States in 1853, settling near Connersville but later moving about the state. His children who appear in the correspondence are Thomas, William, Barton, Frances and Mary. The family worked as blacksmiths and farmers. The collection consists of letters written by Barker and his family in Indiana to relatives in England. Topics include family news, the price of goods, rates for blacksmithing, master-worker relations in the U.S. and England, and freeing slaves during the Civil War.

BETHELL-WARREN. Papers. M0018. Four boxes, 12 bound volumes, one flat file folder. Collection guide in library. Contains letter from William Willmore, London, England, to brother, C. Harrison Willmore, Evansville, 25 December 1859.

ENGLISH-SPEAKING UNION OF THE UNITED STATES. Indianapolis Branch. Records, 1922-1991 (bulk 1946-1973). M 0644, OM 0304. Six boxes, two folders. Collection guide online. The English-Speaking Union was founded in New York in 1920 to strengthen relations between the U.S. and other English-speaking nations. Charles J. Lynn founded the Indianapolis branch in 1949. Lynn was followed as president by his wife Dorothy B. Lynn and Robert S. Ashby. The branch provides scholarships for British Commonwealth students to attend Indiana University and for Marion County teachers to study at British universities. The collection contains correspondence, programs, menus and a scrapbook of newspaper clippings. Records from Dorothy B. Lynn’s presidency form the bulk of the collection. Topics include program speakers, exchange students and teachers, visitors and scholarship drives. Also included are Charles J. Lynn’s materials on his founding of the local branch.

EMIGRANTS-SMALL NOTEBOOK. SC 0546. One folder. No collection guide available. Containing clippings and copies of letters from English emigrants. One is from Evansville.

EVENS, WILLIAM HENRY. Letter, 11 March 1846. SC 0556. One folder. No collection guide available. Autobiographical letter from English born Evens, who was living in Fayette County, to uncle George Andrews, in Dover, N.H.

FOSTER, MATTHEW. Pike County. SC 0587. One folder. No collection guide available. Photocopies and typed transcripts. Ancestors of John Foster Dulles by Ruth Miley McClellan. Includes letters of Matthew Foster to relatives in England, 1821-1824.

HILL, RICHARD. Notebook, 1829-1840. SC 0750. One folder. Collection guide in library. Most of book was kept in England, Kirton parish, Bush Village, Hamburg, and Ludborough (or Sudborough). A few entries from Madison, 1840.

HODGSON, THOMAS. Book. SC 0764. 2 folders. Collection guide in library. Contains accounts of Thomas Hodgson of Cumberland County, England, 1755-1786; notes of Thomas Patterson who was born in England and immigrated to Virginia and Harrison County. Last entry is dated 1855.

HORNBROOK, SANDERS. Letters, 1818-1821. SC 0783. Typed transcripts. Two folders. Collection guide in library. Letters from Fairstock, England, to Connersville.

INGLE, JOHN. Correspondence, 1813-1868. M 0167, OM 0040. One box. One oversize folder. Collection guide online. John Ingle (1788-1874) emigrated from Somersham, England, to America in 1818. He settled near Saundersville (now Inglefield) in Vanderburgh County where he farmed and served as the town’s postmaster from 1823-1869. The collection consists primarily of correspondence of Ingle and his wife, Martha, with their family in England, 1813-1869. The letters discuss a variety of subjects including the differences between life in America and England, the development of Southern Indiana, conditions in England, the family business, and economic, religious and political matters. Also included is John Ingle’s description of his trip from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Indiana, and his visit to Morris Birbeck’s Illinois settlement in 1818. There also are letters from the Ingles’ son, John Jr., to his English relatives, 1834-1837.

STOCKDALE, WILLIAM. Letters, 1865-1910. SC 1412. Five folders. No collection guide available. Stockdale immigrated to America during the Civil War, served in the Union Army, and lived in Henry and Hancock counties. Collection consists of letters to Stockdale from his family in Manchester, England.


Ancestors and Descendants of John Walker by Charles M. Andrews. F 0369. One reel of microfilm. No collection guide available. Family from Ulster County, Ireland, who came to Lancaster, Penn., and moved to Indiana.

BAIRD, EMILY J. Letter, 21 June 1859. SC 2410. One folder. Collection guide online. The collection contains a letter from Baird in Cloverdale to William J. Koons, Bethel, Ky. Topics include Baird’s garden and farm, visitors, bigotry and the intermarriage of Dutch and Irish.

CALDWELL, DAVID. Letters, 1835-1838. SC 2099. Typescript copies. One folder. No collection guide available. Two letters from David and Alexander Caldwell in Wheeling, Va. (now West Virginia), to parents in Ireland.

CAVEN, JOHN. SC 0184. One folder. Collection guide in library. Speech on the Irish and Ireland.

ERSKINE, ANDREW. Letters. SC 0552. Photocopies. One folder. Collection guide in library. John Molyneux, Henderson, Ky., 29 December 1823, tells of news of relatives in Ireland; letter of Amelia Fox McCutchan, Johnston County, Longford, Ireland, to Charles Johnstone near Evansville, 29 March 1824, lists troubles in Ireland and desire to come to America.

HAMILTON, ALLEN. Family and Legal Papers, 1814-1924. M 0608. 15 boxes. Collection guide online. An Irish immigrant and resident of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Allen Hamilton was a banker, Indian agent, and local developer. He held various positions in the city’s government and established a business with Cyrus Taber based on Indian trade. He later served on Indian treaty commissions, and served one term in the Indiana state senate. The collection contains legal papers, title papers, correspondence, property assessment lists, land papers and deeds, Miami Indian treaties, an autograph book and a ledger. The legal papers (1828-1924) comprise half of the collection and are concerned with land grants. Title papers belong to Allen Hamilton and Cyrus, Phoebe, and Charlotte A. Taber. Correspondence between Hamilton and John Tipton deals with treaties with the Miami Indians and efforts to profit personally from the treaties. William Marshall is often referred to in these letters as a negative influence. Also included are Tipton’s estate papers, business and estate papers of Hamilton, and George C. and Stephen C. Taber. A ledger of lots in Rochester, Ind., and an autograph album are also included.

HEWITT, JOSEPH. Letters, 1851-1872. SC 0745. Typed transcripts. Five folders. No collection guide available. Letters from Franklin County to Hewitt’s father in Ireland.

HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM R. M0145. 11 boxes. Collection guide online. 1881 petition of Irish Republican Club, Indianapolis, recommending W.R. Holloway for reappointment as Indianapolis Postmaster.

INDIANA CIRCUIT COURT. Records (Marion County), 1821-1868. M0553. Four boxes. Collection guide in library. Includes suits and documents with naturalization, mainly Irish and German.

KIDD FAMILY. Papers, 1815-1887. M 0487. Photocopies. One box. Collection guide online. The Kidd family originated in Ireland. Samuel Kidd was born in County Armagh in 1782; he immigrated to the United States by 1808 and married Pamela A. Sampson in Baltimore, Md. They had three sons: James Hargrave, b. 1808; Samuel Cummings, b. 1813; and George Hugh, b. 1815. George moved to Texas and served in the army; he died of yellow fever in 1844. Samuel married Sarah Chauncey in Madison, Ind. in 1839. They had three sons; only one, John Dorsey (b. 1845) survived past age 6. In 1849, the family moved to Brewersville, Jennings County. When the Civil War began, Samuel Cummings and his son John enlisted. Samuel served with the 137th Indiana Volunteers and John with the 120th. Samuel Cummings he was discharged in September 1864 due to ill health - he was 51 when he enlisted. After the war, John returned to Jennings County and married. He served as township treasurer and assessor for a number of years, his last term ending in 1890. The collection consists of correspondence, business papers, documents, contracts, genealogical materials and correspondence of three generations of the Kidd family. The earliest items are letters of Samuel Kidd dealing with property in Ireland (1815-1838). The letters of George Hugh Kidd, 1837-1844, discuss the situation between Mexico and Texas, and two letters from his widow to Samuel Kidd. The largest portion of the collection contains the letters of John Dorsey Kidd to his parents during the Civil War. The letters detail his experiences as his company traveled through Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Letters to Samuel Kidd Sr., come from family members in Kentucky, Texas, Ohio and Indiana. Also included in the collection, a folder of various documents and a folder of genealogical information and miscellaneous correspondence.

KNOX, WILLIAM. Letter, 18 February 1792. SC 0932. One folder. No collection guide available. Letter to H. Remsen from Dublin, Ireland, informing of public news-the Catholic business is the only subject of importance in agitation.

MCCLELLAND, BEATTIE. Papers, 1835-1867. SC 2387, OM 0305. Two folders, one oversize folder. Collection guide online. McClelland was born in Ireland and came to America in 1827. He settled first in Pennsylvania, then in 1839, he moved to Winchester, and finally Columbus, Ind., in 1852. A lawyer by training, McClelland held many posts and positions, including director of the State Bank of Indiana, a commissioner of the Sinking Fund, and a judgeship. The collection contains official papers, including documents, deeds, commissions and licenses for McClelland. Included are his naturalization papers; commissions as deputy attorney general, judge, colonel, justice of the peace and commissioner of the Sinking Fund; law and teaching licenses; and deeds.

RYAN, JOHN. Military and Pension Records, 1861-1905. SC 2019. Photocopies. One folder. No collection guide available. Born in Kelly County, Kilenoy, Ireland. Immigrated to Richmond, served in 36th Indiana Regiment during the Civil War and died of typhus in 1862. Collection contains Ryan’s military records and pension records filed by his wife, Sarah Ryan.


LOCKERBIE, GEORGE. SC 0979. Two folders. Collection guide in library. Correspondence with his daughter and granddaughter, 1830-1838. Lockerbie was a Scot.