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16th-20th Indiana Battery Light Artillery

16th Indiana Battery Light Artillery

Blue, James W., Letter. SC 1652. One folder. No collection guide available. This collection contains one letter written by James Blue of the 16th Indiana Battery to "Friend Tabitha" on Jan. 7, 1865. The letter writer seeks to remake the acquaintance of the recipient whom he has not heard from in three or four years. He writes from Fort Corcoran near Washington, D.C. Though James Blue is not listed in the Adjutant General's Report for the 16th Indiana Battery, he does note at the end of the letter to direct any return correspondence to that regiment.

17th Indiana Battery Light Artillery

Feasel, Calvin, in Letters and Papers of the David Shockley Family. SC 1311. Ten folders. Collection guide in library. David Shockley was a Civil War soldier who died at Vicksburg Aug. 7, 1863. Calvin Feasel, wrote to David and his wife typically with the salutation "Uncle and Aunt." After David died at Vicksburg, letters from Calvin were addressed solely to "Aunt." Calvin's letters were written from 1862-1864 while he served with the 17th Indiana Battery Light Artillery. Many of Calvin's letters were written from Maryland and Virginia.

18th Indiana Battery Light Artillery

General Picture Collection CA. 1600s-1980s. P 0411. Twenty-five photograph boxes. Collection guide online. This is a large collection of pictures that were acquired from many different sources by the Indiana Historical Society as either individual items or small batches of items that did not necessarily warrant being designated as collections of their own. The 18th Indiana Battery, also known as Wilder's Brigade, is represented by two photographs, one image is that of a star shaped medal with the artillery symbol of crossed cannons with an eagle resting on top which contains the pin portion of the medal. The other photograph is an image of two ribbons from veteran's reunions, with an image of the back of the medal pictured in the other image. These images can be found in Box 12, Folder 16.

History of the Eighteenth Indiana Battery by W.O. Crouse. BV 0736. One bound volume. No collection guide available. The collection contains a history of the Eighteenth Indiana Battery written by William O. Crouse. The history is a 41-page, hand-written document providing an account of the battery's activity during the Civil War. Included in the collection is a photograph of a reunion of the Regiment held in Pendleton, Indiana in the Spring of 1917. Several of the veterans in the photograph are identified including W.O. Crouse.

Anderson, William H., in Sesquicentennial Manuscripts. M 0366. Ten manuscript boxes. No collection guide available. A letter written Jan. 26, 1863 is included in this collection (Box 1, Folder 14). The letter was written by Elizabeth Anderson and is primarily about the death of her son William H. Anderson. William was a bugler for the 18th Indiana Battery. He took sick and died while serving in Tennessee.

Beck, Moses M., in Wacker, William Collection, Civil War and Spanish American War 1863-1906. SC 1517. Two folders. Photocopy. Collection guide in library. This collection contains “Some Civil War and Spanish American War Letters in Possession of William Wacker.” Of the four Civil War era documents, one dated Nov. 21, 1864 relates to the 18th Indiana Battery. The requisition list is from Captain W.M. Wilson, Quartermaster at Camp Webster in Nashville, Tennessee, to Capt. Moses M. Beck of 18th Indiana Battery and contains the list of goods, mostly clothing and gear, that Wilson was providing to Beck for his regiment.

Miller, Abram O., in Indiana Infantry—72nd Regt, Civil War Diary, 1863. SC 0828. Two folders. Collection guide in library. The collection contains a letter from Capt. Abram O. Miller of the 72nd Indiana Infantry to Alex A. Rice. Colonel Miller was in command of seven companies of the 72nd Indiana and 123rd Illinois, as well as two pieces of the 18th Indiana Battery at the time he wrote the letter on Sept. 27, 1863. The second folder contains a copy of a typed transcript of a Civil War diary written by an unidentified soldier from the 72nd Indiana Infantry.

Scott, Joseph A, Letters and Narrative, 1921. SC 1320. One folder. No collection guide available. This collection contains a letter by John A. Scott to his grandson John Kitchen. This letter is a recollection and observation of one of the bloody battles that John A. Scott went through. Also included is a narrative which Scott gives to each of his grandsons with hope that they will never be called upon to stand in the line of battle. Joseph A. Scott served in the 18th Indiana Battery Light Artillery in the Civil War.

Wolfe, Willie J., in Blackwell, John A. Civil War Letters. SC 0096. Two folders. Collection guide in library. This collection primarily contains the correspondence of John A. Blackwell. The collection contains both original and photocopied materials. One of the photocopied letters, the original of which is the University of Kentucky's library, is from Willie J. Wolfe to Lieutenant Blackwell written on October 9, 1862. The letter regarding the possibility of becoming a lieutenant in Blackwell's company. William Wolf was a private in the 18th Battery.

19th Indiana Battery Light Artillery

Colburn, Jonathon, in Letters to Harrison Prater and John F. Clauson, 1858-1885. SC 1218. Three folders. Photocopy. Collection guide in library. Included in the collection is one letter written by Jonathon Colborn of the 19th Indiana Battery to James Lewis on Jan. 24, 1864. The letter was written in Chattanooga, Tennessee and details some preparations the regiment is making for battle.

Lackey, Robert S., in Ira Lackey Family Correspondence, 1841-1892. SC 0942. Two folders. Photocopy. Collection guide in library. This collection contains materials related to the Ira Lackey Family. Robert S. Lackey served in the 19th Indiana Battery during the Civil War. There are two letters from Robert in the collection. One he writes to his uncle and friend and another to his mother, Catherine Lackey.

20th Indiana Battery Light Artillery

Kelley, Michael, in Stephenson-McCauley Family Papers, 1862-1952. M 0766. One manuscript box. Collection guide online. The collection contains materials related to several civil war era letters. One letter was written by Michael Kelley of the 20th Battery to their his family concerning his regiment’s movements and personal well being. Kelley was from Kosciusko County and served as a private in the battery.