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11th-15th Indiana Battery Light Artillery

11th Indiana Battery Light Artillery

U.S. Army, Department of the Cumberland, Orders Book, 1863-1864. BV 0845. One bound volume. No collection guide available. This orders book takes note of the correspondence sent and received by the Headquarters of the U.S. Army's Department of the Cumberland. The ledger is organized alphabetically by the name of the soldier referenced in the order or request. The volume includes notations for soldiers related to the 11th Indiana Battery. "11th Indiana Battery is transferred from 2nd Div 4th Army Corps to the Artillery Reserves, and will report to Brig. Genl. Brannan Chief of Artillery" in October, 1863 (p. 229). Addison McGuire requested furlough for twenty days which was initially approved but then denied by headquarters "for the present" in August, 1863 (p. 301). Henry M. Williams granted twenty days leave "on account of wounds rec'd in service" in September, 1863 (p. 580).

11th Indiana Battery, in Indiana Civil War Visual Collection, 1861-1913, n.d. P 0455. One postcard box, two stereograph boxes, one photograph box, one OVA photograph box, two OVB photograph boxes, seven OVA graphic boxes, one OVB graphics box, three OVC graphic boxes, nine oversize folders, two framed items, three panoramic photographs. Collection guide online. This collections contains visual materials related to several Indiana regiments and other Civil War era related imagery. Specifically included is one panoramic photograph of the 11th Indiana Battery taken by J.H. Ehlers was the Quartermaster Sergeant for the regiment and was promoted to Second Lieutenant during the course of the war. The photograph was taken at Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1864.

12th Indiana Battery Light Artillery

No manuscript and visual materials available at this time.

13th Indiana Battery Light Artillery

No manuscript and visual materials available at this time.

14th Indiana Battery Light Artillery

Goodrich, DeWitt Clinton, Autobiography, 1905. M 0114. One half-size manuscript box. Collection guide online. The collection consists of the autobiography of DeWitt Clinton Goodrich, written in 1905 in the form of a 363-page letter to his son Calvin. Due to detail and dates given, his recollections are presumably taken from diaries that he kept throughout his life. Goodrich is a good story teller, and the language he uses is humorous. This autobiography includes Goodrich’s life events and adventurous stories. Included is his time in the Union Army and the 14th Indiana Battery Light Artillery.

15th Indiana Battery Light Artillery

15th Indiana Battery Light Artillery, 1865. SC 0813. One folder. No collection guide available. This collection a letter to the Battery of Wilmington. Specifically, these special orders to the Battery of Wilmington relate to the discharge of William W. Kinsy and William Clark. William W. Kinsy and William Clark were privates in the 15th Indiana Battery Light Artillery.