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Other Abraham Lincoln–Related Collections

In January 2003, IHS received a grant from the Lilly Endowment that enabled us to acquire the Jack Smith Lincoln Graphics Collection (P 0406), the Daniel R. Weinberg Lincoln Conspirators Collection (P 0409), and a circa 1864 contemporaneous wet-plate collodion glass negative of the original Alexander Gardner wet-plate collodion portrait of Abraham Lincoln taken on Nov. 8, 1863 (P 0420). These acquisitions provided the impetus for us to create a finding aid describing other Lincoln-related materials located in the collections of the William H. Smith Memorial Library.

In contrast to standard collection guides that describe all the materials in a specific collection, this finding aid describes in detail Lincoln-related items from a variety of collections. “Lincoln-related” is defined as manuscripts written by or to Lincoln, certificates and endorsements with Lincoln’s annotation or signature, and manuscripts about Lincoln.

Please select one of the following to continue your search:

Manuscripts Written by or to Lincoln, and Certificates and Endorsements

Manuscripts about Lincoln 1860-1865

Manuscripts about Lincoln 1866-1938

You may also be interested in Abraham Lincoln-Related Pictures (P 0452), containing imagery gathered from various sources, many being reproductions, that depict Lincoln, his family, political campaign/election, assassination conspirators, Lincoln Spencer County sites, statues and memorials, Lincoln-related Kentucky images, and illustrations from Lincoln, the Man of the People. To find information on this specific collection please access the collection guide.