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In January 2003, IHS acquired three nationally significant Lincoln collections – the Jack Smith Lincoln Graphics Collection, the Daniel R. Weinberg Lincoln Conspirators Collection, and the Glass-Plate Negative of Alexander Gardner Abraham Lincoln Portrait. These collections were made possible by a generous $2.9 million gift from the Lilly Endowment. Images of all of the items in these collections are available online. Although the original items are physically available to William H. Smith Memorial Library users, certain conservation and preservation restrictions and procedures may apply.


Jack Smith Lincoln Graphics Collection (P 0406)

This collection consists of more than 750 original photographs, lithographs, engravings and busts of Lincoln collected by Jack Smith of South Bend. It includes images of Lincoln with his family, generals and cabinet members, along with political cartoons, illustrated sheet music, and book and newspaper illustrations. They comprise one of the most significant collections of historical Lincoln images. Lincoln was the first president to be extensively photographed and, due in large part to his assassination, the subject of extensive graphic illustration and artwork. Collection guide.


Daniel R. Weinberg Lincoln Conspirators Collection (P 0409)

The Daniel R. Weinberg Lincoln Conspirators Collection consists of 90 photographs, manuscripts, books, pamphlets and newspapers relating to the trial and execution or imprisonment of the Lincoln assassination conspirators. Included are such items as the handwritten execution order read at the execution by Gen. John Hartranft; original sequential photographs of the execution taken by Alexander Gardner and original carte-de-visite photographs of conspirators John Wilkes Booth, David Herold and John Surratt. Collection guide.


Glass-Plate Negative of Alexander Gardner Abraham Lincoln Portrait (P 0420)

The main item in this collection is a circa 1864 contemporaneous wet-plate collodion glass negative of the original Alexander Gardner wet-plate collodion portrait of Abraham Lincoln taken on Nov. 8, 1863, most likely made by Moses P. Rice, one of Gardner’s studio photographers. Lincoln sat for this photograph just 11 days before delivering the Gettysburg Address. It is one of the best-known photographs of Lincoln and was used by sculptor Daniel Chester French as the model for the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The collection includes a modern positive print of the image and the envelope in which IHS received the negative. Collection guide.


Other Lincoln-Related Collections

Among these items is a leaf from the sum book used by Lincoln as a boy in southern Indiana to record his arithmetic exercises, several of Lincoln's endorsements of military and political appointments during the Civil War, letters from Indiana Gov. Oliver P. Morton regarding Indiana troops in the war, letters regarding the visits of both Lincoln's inaugural train stop and his funeral train in Indianapolis, written reminiscences of Lincoln by those who knew him as a boy in Indiana, and drawings by Hoosier Gen. Lew Wallace of the conspirators. Full description.