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Eli Lilly Hall

A lot is happening in the History Center’s gorgeous and grand Eli Lilly Hall.

Mezzanine Gallery

The mezzanine level of Eli Lilly Hall features four exhibits with changing topics from Indiana’s history. The focal point of the area is “It’s About Time,” a sculpture suspended from the ceiling of Lilly Hall. The impressive piece with large replicas of pocket watches highlights the core facets of the Indiana Historical Society’s mission and work – collecting, preserving, interpreting and sharing. Each watch is set to a different time indicating an important event in Indiana’s history.

Murals of iconic documents and images from the IHS collection are showcased in the exhibits on the mezzanine. History Snapshot is a changing exhibit highlighting key points of Indiana’s history. In Season changes every four months and feature a collage of topics associated with the time of year. A Peopling Indiana exhibit focuses on migration and immigration, yesterday and today, and highlights specific ethnic groups on a rotating basis. In What is a Hoosier?, we explore the origin and history of the loaded word, sharing facts and folklore and dispelling the myths that surround it.

Take a closer look at the remarkable panoramic images in the ceiling alcoves by using the brass spotting scopes!

“It’s About Time” is brought to you by Indianapolis Power & Light Co.

INvestigation Stations

The INvestigation Stations are a collection of four hands-on stations highlighting, explaining and demonstrating various ways of working with history. The History Trunk explores primary sources and the relationship of primary sources from the past to those we are creating in our lives today. The Photo Detective station teaches guests how to use photographs to piece together the details of known stories and even discover hidden stories. In Building the Indiana Experience, guests get a behind-the-scenes look at how IHS creates a You Are There experience. Heritage Quest and Ancestry.com stations allow guests to begin research on their families while they’re visiting.

Indiana Legends

Eli Lilly Hall is the home of a looped multimedia program presenting the lives and work of those who have been honored by IHS as Living Legends for their contributions to Indiana’s history, economy and culture. This experience provides guests with an engaging look at the rich heritage of our state’s people and at the extraordinary contributions that Hoosiers have made to the landscape of our state and America.