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Getting Our Collections in Shape – Dec. 19, 2014
Swimsuit season may have come and gone but IHS archivists and librarians are always working hard to make sure our collections stay on track and "in shape."
A Farewell Message from Stacy Klingler – Dec. 11, 2014
Editor's Note: We'll miss you, Stacy!
Treasures Right Under Our Own Roof – Oct. 31, 2014
There's always something cool in the William H. Smith Memorial Library. Let us show you!
He's Been Working on the Railroad – Oct. 9, 2014
Visit the last stop of the Indiana Bicentennial Train this weekend. You never know who you will find!
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Basile History Market

History Market

Pick up that perfect something at the Basile History Market, featuring Indiana art, jewelry, literature, music and more.



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