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Celebrating Shortridge High School – Aug. 16, 2016
The newest library exhibit covers the first public high school in the state.
A.E. Kunderd's Gorgeous Gladioli – Aug. 3, 2016
I know I should never judge a book by its cover, but sometimes that cover is just too beautiful to ignore! This is certainly the case with A.E. Kunderd's 1930 catalog of gladioli.
Animals, Cotton Candy and the Bicentennial Train. Time for the Indiana State Fair! – Aug. 2, 2016
It's August! Which means it is time for the Indiana State Fair! Learn about the IHS image collection that contains classic photos of the state fair and find out how IHS members can get free tickets into the fairgrounds.
Looking Beyond Cute – July 28, 2016
Learning about the tuberculosis epidemic from a cute photo. How is this possible?
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What's Happening

U.S. History Teacher Association Meeting – Aug. 26
Teacher Workshop by Teachers
Children's Cemetery Hunt – Aug. 27
A Growing Little Leaves Genealogy Program
Hoosiers and the American Story Teacher Workshop – Sept. 9
Teacher Professional Development
Member Trip - Local History Tour – Sept. 15
Join IHS Membership and Local History Services for our third Annual Award Winning Local History Tour
Early Indiana Landscapes – Sept. 22
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Indiana Bicentennial Commemorative Rifle


This beautiful, limited-edition commemorative rifle commissioned for the State Bicentennial is engraved with images from Indiana's past and finished with antique gold, shiny nickel and black chrome. Only 100 of these Henry Big Boy Lever Action Rifles are available. Find out how to purchase yours at www.aaengraving.com.





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