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You Are There 1904: Picture This



Miss the magical feeling of getting all dolled up to take that special photograph commemorating a moment you want to remember forever? Step into 1904 and Miner’s Studio, where photographer Charles Miner is busy conducting a normal day’s business taking portraits of his Fort Wayne neighbors.

Columbia City native turned Fort Wayne resident Charles Miner enjoyed a thriving business in the heart of Fort Wayne’s downtown, where he participated in monumental moments in the lives of others, such as weddings, dance recitals and career milestones through the taking of portraits that would be passed down to future generations.

Inside Miner’s Studio, visitors may meet his niece and office manager, Stella Miner, and his technical assistant, John D. Albrecht, who will help select the props and furniture to take that perfect photograph. Learn the photographic process in this turn-of-the-century studio where cabinet cards were the latest innovation in portraiture. You may also run into Fort Wayne residents such as new bride Maude Koch, local undertaker James Peltier or a member of the Fort Wayne Railroaders baseball team, Frank “Flossie” Oberlin.

This exciting new You Are There experience explores the changes in photographic technology since the days of Miner’s Studio through today. Uncover how the inner workings of a camera were designed to mirror the human eye. Explore a collection of studio images from the HIS collection, all of which survive and help us understand the stories of the past thanks to the work of photographers just like Charles Miner who operated similar studios across the state.

And yes, Charles Miner really will take your photograph. We invite you to visit our website after your visit to download your picture, play with our custom-made software and morph your image into a vintage photograph to share with your friends and family. 


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