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Then in the Now


By now, we’ve probably all seen historical mash-up photos. But Andy Fry, artist and creative director of Big Car, wanted to put a new spin on it. “I did not want viewers to compare the two photos as much as experience them simultaneously,” he says. Andy used photos from the IHS collections as a starting point to create his art, which transforms Indianapolis streets into a collision of past and present. Then in the Now opens in the Rosemary McKee Lanham Gallery at the History Center Jan. 15 and runs through June 8.

Andy describes his work on this exhibition as spiritual and meditative. “The more time I spent studying each photo, the more I felt like a part of the scene” he says. “Physically retracing the footsteps of photographers in the past was more than an exercise – it gave me a palpable sense that the past never really disappears.”


In collaboration with Big Car